Game Production 2: Vertical Slice

15 credits

Course, Bachelor's level, 5SD075

Spring 2024 Spring 2024, Visby, 100%, On-campus, English Only available as part of a programme

About the course

The course includes a game design project which is implemented through group work and under supervision.

You form student groups in which you design, plan and develop a small game. Every project requires an approved game design, a project plan and a clear technical risk analysis indicating that the game production is possible to complete within the scope of the course. You present your game design in the first week of the course.

Agile methods are used to plan the game production, and the groups report to instructors in weekly meetings focusing on the progression of the project.

You contribute to the production through the application of your individual expertise as specified by the group's weekly planning. The completed project is presented by the group during an oral presentation highlighting the game's unique aspects as well as its intended qualities. Additionally, you are given the opportunity to show the resulting game at a games exhibition.

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