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Sofiya and Pim, students.

Meet two students on the programme

Sofiya Nilsson from Sweden, Pim Hopstaken from The Netherlands

Campus Gotland is the perfect place to study. I also love the interaction we have with the teachers and staff – Pim.

How did you choose your programme?
Pim – I've always loved playing games. And I was looking for a university programme that seemed fun to me and something that would keep me interested throughout the entire three years. This programme really stood out to me because of the wider variety of subjects you get, and the fact that all of them seemed fun to learn about.

Sofiya – When I was researching different programmes that had 3D courses, game design and graphics, Uppsala University came up as one of the options that looked interesting. I realised that they had a lot of interesting courses, which I thought would be fun to take. I did not think to go into game design initially but looking back it was a good choice to make. I have been challenged creatively and given lots of experience.

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
Sofiya – The best thing is the study spaces that we get to use to study, have meetings or just enjoy time together with friends playing card games or board games. The other best thing about studying at Uppsala University is the really great people you get to meet and become friends with.

Pim – For me, it is the fact that Campus Gotland is in such a nice location. I really love the peacefulness of Visby, even though it is not boring. It is the perfect place to study. I also love the interaction we have with the teachers and staff.

Do you remember your first impression of Visby?
Sofiya – When I first moved to Visby it was such nice weather outside. It made me love taking strolls through the city going to different cafes and exploring the old town. The campus is located in such a nice area with a big park right outside as well as the sea being just a couple of minutes away. Visby is a very cute and cosy city and is a great study environment where you are able to enjoy both the calmness during the autumn and winter seasons and some more action during spring and summer!

Pim – It seemed much bigger than in the pictures. Even though it is very small, it still seems more sizeable and lively. The city is definitely very beautiful, and I still enjoy the sunsets every night.

What are three things on your calendar this week?
Pim – This week I have class for my graphics minor twice and class for my game design major twice. Then at the weekend, I will go out with my friends or maybe just hang out at home and finish up on some assignments.

What is your reason for studying and your ultimate goal?
Pim – I study because I want to learn things and not necessarily for a certain job or career path. But I do really like the types of career paths that are possible with this programme. I would like to still explore what kinds of paths I can take.

Sofiya – My personal reason for studying is to learn the technical side of the job that I am striving for. Even though you can learn a lot on your own, getting helpful feedback from people that have either been a part of the industry or have a lot of experience is very important for your personal growth both as an artist and as a game designer.

Describe the student life!
Sofiya – The student life in Visby is a lot cosier than in other student cities. You and your friends have a couple of spots that you usually hang out at and you get to know a lot of new people from both your own programme as well as from others, which makes it feel like you are a part of a small community.

Pim – Student life is great here. We have a student union with a bar. The best thing they organised was probably the “lamning”, where new students get an introduction to student life on Gotland.

Where is the best place to study?
Sofiya – For me, as a game design student, the best place to study is probably the G-house which is located near the main campus. It has some really nice rooms with big tables where you can freely put your stuff and stay for as long as you need to.

Autumn 2022


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