Development Studies C

30 credits

Reading list, Bachelor's level, 2SK041

A revised version of the reading list is available.

Main group 1

Main group 2

  • Hardin, Garrett, The Tragedy of the Commons, Science, 162:1243-8, 1968Compulsory
  • Ostrom, Elinor, Governing the commons: the evolution of institutions for collective action, Cambridge, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1990Compulsory
  • Scholz, john; Berardo, ramiro; kile, brad, Do networks solve collective action problems? Credibility, search, and collaboration, The Journal of Politics, 70:393-406Compulsory
  • Bhattacharya, S.C.; Chinmoy, Jana, Renewable energy in India: Historical developments and prospects, Energy, 34:981-991, 2009Compulsory
  • Dubash, Navroz K., Copenhagen: Climate of mistrust, Part of: Economic and political weekly., vol. 44, no. 52, 2009, p. 8–11Compulsory
  • Holdren, John, Science and technology for sustainable well-being, Science, 319:424-434, 2008Compulsory
  • Lemos, Maria Carmen; Agrawal, Arun, Environmental Governance, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 31:297-325, 2006Compulsory
  • Lynas, Mark, How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room, Part of: The Guardian., no. 22 December, 2009Compulsory
  • Sagar, Ambuj, Bioenergy and Sustainable Development?, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 32:131-67, 2007Compulsory
  • Fighting Climate Change. Human Solidarity in a Divided World., UNDP, Human Development Report 2007/08, 2007, Download hereCompulsory
  • Wang, Feng; Haitao, Yin; Shoude, Li, China's renewable energy policy: Commitments and challenges, Energy Policy, 38:1872-1878, 2010Compulsory
  • Poteete, Amy; Ostrom, Elinor, Fifteen years of empirical research on collective action in natural resource management, World Development 36:176-195, 2008
  • Pretty, Jules; Ward, Hugh, Social capital and the environment, World Development 29:209-227, 2001
  • Eriksen, P B et al., System Operation with High Wind Penetration, IEEE power & energy magazine Nov/Dec pp.65-74, 2005Compulsory
  • Jan's Volvo is rolling on Hydrogen, Dagens Nyheter February 14th, 2009Compulsory
  • Leijon, M et al., On the physics of power, energy and economics of renewable electric energy sources - Part I, Renewable Energy, 2009Compulsory
  • Skoglund, A et al., On the physics of power, energy and economics of renewable electric energy sources - Part II, Renewable Energy, 2009Compulsory
  • Weisser, Daniel, A guide to life-cycle green-house gas (GHG) emissions from electric supply technologies, Energy, 32:1543-1559, 2006Compulsory
  • Christoff, Peter, Post-Kyoto? Post-Bush? Towards an Effective 'Climate Coalition of the willing, International Affairs, 82:5, 831-860, 2006Compulsory
  • Gupta, Joyeeta; Ringius, Lasse, The EU's Climate Leadership: Reconciling Ambition and Reality, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 1:2, 281-299, 2001Compulsory
  • Schreurs, Miranda A; Tiberghien, Yves, Multi-Level Reinforcement: Explaining European Union Leadership in Climate Change Mitigation, Global Environmental Politics, 7:4, 19-46, 2007Compulsory
  • Victor, David G, Toward Effective International Cooperation on Climate Change: Numbers, Interests and Institutions, Global Environmental Politics, vol 6, number 3, 2006Compulsory
  • Vogler, John, The European Union as an Actor in International Environmental Politics, Environmental Politics, 8:3, 24-48, 1999Compulsory
  • Issues in world politics, 2. ed., Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2001
  • Baylis, John; Smith, Steve; Owens, Patricia, The globalization of world politics: an introduction to international relations, 4th ed., Oxford ; New York, N.Y., Oxford University Press, 2008

* Compulsory