The chemical industry, biotechnology and environmental protection are becoming more and more important, growing both nationally and internationally. Expertise in chemistry is therefore now more valuable than ever. All branches of chemistry are represented at Uppsala University both at the research and educational levels.

Our programmes provide a broad and solid grounding in chemistry, together with in-depth knowledge within one or many branches of chemistry. These programmes are also involved in many exchange agreements, giving students the opportunity to spend a semester at a university abroad.


Bachelor's level, basic courses

Bachelor's level, continuing courses

Master's level courses

Advanced Electrochemistry, 10 credits Applied Electrochemistry, 10 credits Biomaterials I, 5 credits Biomaterials II, 5 credits Biophysical Chemistry, 10 credits Catalysis, 5 credits Chemical Bonding and Computational Chemistry, 10 credits Chemical Energy Storage, 5 credits Chemical Molecular Design, 10 credits Chemistry for Renewable Energy - Profile Course, 5 credits Comprehensive Biochemistry, 15 credits Computational Chemistry for Biological Macromolecules, 10 credits Computational Quantum Chemistry for Molecules and Materials, 10 credits Current Trends in Chemistry, 5 credits Electronic and Atomistic Simulation Methods for Materials, 5 credits Forensic Chemistry, 15 credits Future Perspective in Cell Chemistries, 5 credits Macromolecules and Soft Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Characterisation, 5 credits Materials Analysis, 5 credits Materials Chemistry for Additive Manufacturing, 5 credits Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems, 15 credits Nanoscience, 10 credits NMR Spectroscopy I, 5 credits NMR Spectroscopy II, 5 credits Organic Chemistry III, 10 credits Photochemistry, 10 credits Physical Organic Chemistry, 15 credits Project in Laboratory Organic Chemistry, 15 credits Protein Engineering, 15 credits Rechargeable Batteries, 10 credits Separation and Mass Spectrometry, 15 credits Soft Materials and Colloidal Systems, 5 credits Spectroscopy, 10 credits Statistical Methods in Natural Sciences, 5 credits Theoretical Chemistry - Profile Course, 5 credits