Francesco Ciabuschi

Professor i företagsekonomi, särskilt internationellt företagande vid Företagsekonomiska institutionen

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Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C
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751 20 UPPSALA
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FD, docent

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Francesco Ciabuschi is Professor of International Business at Uppsala University’s Department of Business Studies.

He has a PhD in International Business from Uppsala University.

He has been also deputy head of department and director of research.

He teaches at the undergraduate, graduate, executive MBA, and doctoral programs. He is also a Graduate and PhD thesis supervisor.


Francesco Ciabuschi is Professor of International Business at Uppsala University’s Department of Business Studies.

He is also serving as board member of the Uppsala Antibiotic Center ( and he is member of the International Network for AMR Social Science - INARMSS (

He has been Director of Research for the Department of Business Studies (2014-15) and coordinator of the NORD-IB PhD school of International Business (2 years program with six international partner schools during 2009-13.

Francesco Ciabuschi is leading and member of many international research projects (including EU founded projects) and member of several international academic associations.

He has been one of the leaders and board member of the “DRIVE-AB” project, a EU-based IMI research project funded by EU and EFPIA ( He has also been a member and representative for Sweden in the Cost Action IS0905, and worked at the UNCTAD center (United Nations, Geneva) during 2011 as senior consultant for the world Investment Report. Recently, he has led a research project related to antibiotic resistance, funded by Riksbanken Jubileumsfond (focusing on the governance of international partnerships tacking the global threat of antibiotic resistance). Currently he is leading a major reseach project on Reshoring of production activities, financed by VR.

Francesco Ciabuschi has extensive teaching experience at all levels (bachelor, master, PhD, MBA and Executive); he has been teaching and visiting scholar at many foreign universities and business schools.

He has published 41 international journals' articles, 15 books chapters, 60 conference papers, among which 5 nominated and 3 winning best papers. He has been guest editor of several special issues and his research interests concern international business and strategy (particularly, management of multinationals, state-owned multinationals, internationalization and global markets), global heath and antibiotic resistance (economic models and policies for innovation in the antibiotic industry), knowledge & innovation management, entrepreneurship and industrial marketing.


  1. 2019 INEKA Conference, Verona (Italy). Winner of the EMERALD AWARD for Best Paper in Entrepreneurship.
  2. 2011 Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, San Antonio (USA). Winner of the Robert H. Schaffer Award for Best Paper in Applied IM.
  3. 2011 Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, San Antonio (USA). Finalist for the International Management Division Best Paper In Strategy / IB Theory.
  4. 2011 Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, San Antonio (USA). Best Papers Proceedings.
  5. 2011 British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference, Birmingham (UK). Winner of the “Best Full Paper in IB” Award.
  6. 2011 Academy of International Business (AIB) Conference, Nagoya (Japan). Finalist for the Haynes Most Promising Scholar Award.
  7. 2004 Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference San Juan (Puerto Rico). Finalist for the “Best Conference Paper Award”.


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Francesco Ciabuschi