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Francisco Figueira de Lemos is a Researcher at the Department of Business Studies of Uppsala University, Associate Researcher at Catholic University of Portugal and Visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto. Formerly, at practitioner level, he had functions as a Manager, Deputy and/or Member of the Board of several companies. He also served as a Member of the cabinet of the Ministry of Interior (XVIII Constitutional Government of Portugal).

Francisco has a PhD in International Business from Uppsala University where he defended the doctoral thesis with the title "A Political View on the Internationalization Process". He also holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from Coimbra University, an MBA in Management and an MSc in Management and Administration from the Catholic University of Portugal (pre-Bologna single authored dissertation entitled “Cooperative Strategies in the Internationalization Process: An analytical view of the Uppsala Model”).

Papers in international scientific periodicals with blind peer review

Figueira de Lemos, F. & Hadjikhani, A. (2014) ‘Internationalization Processes in Stable and Unstable Market Conditions: Towards a model of commitment decisions in dynamic environments’, Journal of World Business, 49(4), forthcoming

Figueira de Lemos, F., Johanson, J. & Vahlne, J-E (2011) ‘Risk Management in the Internationalization Process of the Firm: A note on the Uppsala Model’, Journal of World Business, 46(2), 143-153

Freire de Sousa, F. & Figueira de Lemos, F. (2009) ‘Complexity and interdependency in firm’s internationalisation: when the state becomes the partner’, International Journal of Business Environment, 2(4), 485–504.

Papers in book chapters

Torres, M. & Figueira de Lemos, F. (2013) Alignment of Top-Down Pro-Internationalization Policies of Outward Foreign Direct Investment, in Marin Marinov and Svetla Marinova (ed.), Successes and Challenges of Emerging Economy Multinationals, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 12-24

Torres, M., Figueira de Lemos, F. and Fidas, P. (2012) Between Neighbours’ Heat and Colonial Ties’ Comfort: Does Distance Really Matter?, in Amjad Hadjikhani, Ulf Elg, Pervez Ghauri (ed.) Business, Society and Politics (International Business and Management , Volume 28), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.105-130

Papers in conference proceedings

• Figueira de Lemos, F. & Anisimova, T. ‘The role of the local partner in the choice between International Alliances and Joint Ventures’, EIBA 2013, Bremen, Germany.

• F. Figueira de Lemos ‘The Control of Foreign Operations: Is it strategic, economic or politically driven?’, AIB 2013, Istanbul, Turkey.

• Torres, M. & F. Figueira de Lemos 'Why do Firms Use Public Support During their Internationalization? A Country-Level Perspective', EIBA 2012, Brighton, UK.

• Torres, M. & Figueira de Lemos, F. & P. Fidas, 'Internationalization of Small Firms in Emerging Markets: The Strength of Historical Ties' EIBA2012, Brighton, UK

• Figueira de Lemos, F & Matos Torres, M, ‘The Decision of Entry Mode in Cooperative Strategies’, AIB 2012, Washington, USA

• Figueira de Lemos, F & Matos Torres, M, ‘The Decision of Entry Mode in Cooperative Strategies: Cultural Distance or Relative Size of the Host Country?’ AIB UK 2012 Liverpool, England

• Torres, M, Varum, C, & Figueira de Lemos, F, ‘Firm-Level Determinants of Outward Foreign Direct Investment: A Systematic Review of the Empirical Literature’ AIB UK 2012 Liverpool, England

• Figueira de Lemos, F & Hadjikhani, A, ‘Learning with Crises for a Sustainable Growth: Lessons from Internationalization Processes in Extreme Unstable Markets’, AIB2011 Nagoya, Japan

• Figueira de Lemos, F, Hadjikhani & A, Thilenius, P. ‘The Influence of Internationalization on Crises Recovering: Preliminary results from the Portuguese banking sector’, EIBA2011 Bucharest, Romania

• Costa e Silva, S, Sousa, M J & Figueira-de-Lemos, F, ‘Consortia in construction industry internationalization: an exploratory study on its motivations’, EIBA2011 Bucharest, Romania

• Figueira de Lemos, F & Anisimova, T, ‘"Guess what?": improvising for the unexpected’ EIBA2011 Bucharest, Romania

• Figueira de Lemos, F & Hadjikhani, A, ‘Internationalization Processes in Unstable Markets: A Model to Deal with Crisis Environments’, AIB2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

• Figueira de Lemos, F, Hadjikhani & A, Thilenius, P. ‘The Impact of Internationalization on Crises Recovering: A preliminary study on the Portuguese banking sector’, EIBA2010 Porto, Portugal

• Figueira de Lemos, F, ‘Modeling the effect of cooperation in firm’s internationalization’, EIBA2009, Valencia, Spain


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