The ceremonies associated with the greatest events in academic life – the Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony, the Inauguration of Professors and the Succession Ceremony – have a prominent place among the University’s traditions. A few years ago, the University added a new tradition: a graduation ceremony for students in the international Master’s programmes.

Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony

The Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony is an event celebrating everyone who has completed a doctoral degree during the year. It takes place twice a year: the Winter Conferment Ceremony at the end of January and the Spring Conferment Ceremony at the end of May/beginning of June.

The people of Uppsala recognise the day by the cannon salutes fired in the morning and during the actual ceremony.

All about the Conferment Ceremony

Old-fashioned cannon outside the University Main Building. Behind it there are people dressed in old military uniforms.

Inauguration of Professors

The Inauguration of Professors in Uppsala is a public ceremony at which the Vice-Chancellor installs new professors and the professors hold inaugural lectures. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages.

All new professors give inaugural lectures during the inauguration week. The formal ceremony marks the culmination of this celebration of scholarship.

Inauguration of Professors

Orchestra and new professors sitting on stage in the Grand Auditorium during the Installation of Professors

Succession Ceremony

The Succession Ceremony marking the transfer of the office of Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University has hardly changed over the centuries.

During the ceremony, the outgoing Vice-Chancellor hands certain objects over to their successor. These objects are called the insignia and symbolise the power and responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor.

One of the insignia is the Vice-Chancellor’s chain of office, which the Vice-Chancellor customarily wears at University ceremonies.

All about the Succession Ceremony

Newly installed Vice Chancellor and people in formal attire on the stairs to the university main building during the succession ceremony

Graduation ceremony for Master’s students

At the end of each spring semester, the University organises a graduation ceremony for the students who have just completed their studies in the international Master’s programmes.

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