University Board

The University Board, or Consistory, is responsible for planning and implementing the University’s affairs – scholarly, financial and administrative. The Vice-Chancellor exercises operational leadership.

The University Board consists of 15 members, including the chair. The majority of the board members are appointed by the government. The University’s Vice-Chancellor is a permanent member. In addition, three members are appointed by the teachers at the University and three members are appointed by the students. Staff organisations each appoint a representative. Staff representatives have the right to attend and express their opinions.

According to Chapter 2, section 4 of the Higher Education Act (1992:1434), the chair and the other board members are appointed based on suggestions from two nominating officials. The government, in turn, also appoints these officials. One of these officials is appointed based on a proposal from the University.

The staff representatives who, in accordance with Chapter 2, section 4 of the Higher Education Act, are entitled to attend and express their views at board meetings, are appointed in accordance with the Staff Representatives Ordinance (1987:1101).

Members of the University Board

Appointment of teaching staff and student representatives

According to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 2, section 7a, both teachers and students have the right to appoint three members each to the University Board. According to Uppsala University’s rules of procedure, one teaching staff alternate and two student alternates are to be appointed.

The teaching staff representatives are to be appointed through university elections. At Uppsala University, a total of four members are appointed through elections. The students’ representatives are appointed according to provisions of the Ordinance of Student Unions (2009:769). Uppsala University’s students’ unions allocate four seats on the University Board between themselves as defined in a cooperation agreement.