Who is required to pay?

Students from outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees to study at university level in Sweden.

Fees cover application and tuition alone and are not related to accommodation, academic literature or the general cost of living.

Some non-EU/EEA students are exempt from paying application and tuition fees. Detailed information about fee exemption can be found on universityadmissions.se.

Change of payment status

If a fee-paying student’s residency status changes during their studies (e.g. they are granted European citizenship), they must submit documentation to Uppsala University to certify the change.

Price per semester/academic year

The application fee for students from outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland is SEK 900. This is paid directly to universityadmissions.se when you submit your application for Bachelor’s or Master’s studies.

The cost of tuition varies between Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Depending on the programme, one semester of full-time study costs between SEK 50 000 and 72 500 per semester.

Check how to pay fees

Refund policy

The application fee is an administrative fee and is non-refundable. To apply for reimbursement of tuition fee you must submit a written statement together with supporting documents. Only certified copies of documents will be accepted. Please use the online form for reimbursement of tuition fee.

The tuition fee will be reimbursed:

  • for cancellation of studies caused by denial of a visa
  • if you have been conditionally admitted and do not meet the entry requirements by enrolment day

Decisions regarding reimbursement for other reasons will be made by the University Director following consultation with the heads of the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Registry and the office of the relevant department. The reimbursement process normally takes around one month.

Uppsala University does not grant reimbursement for financial reasons.

Please be aware that a reimbursement is always made to the same account as the payment was originally made from. This applies regardless of whether you have paid from your own account or through another account holder.

Please note that special payment rules apply if the original payment has been made from an account in Iran. Read about repayment to Iran.

Tuition fee coverage

The tuition fee covers exclusively the tuition fees for courses, 30 credits per semester, within the Master’s or Bachelor´s programme to which you have been admitted. The courses taken should be in accordance with an established programme syllabus and the studies are to be pursued at Uppsala University or, if the programme syllabus states so, at some other institution of higher education. If you intend to take more than 30 credits you will be required to pay additional tuition fee.

For students studying individual courses, the tuition fee covers the number of credits in the course. If you fail a course you are registered on, you will not be reimbursed or able to use the fee for another course.

The tuition fee also covers related academic administration and support services.

Clarification regarding full-time studies and contact hours

Each course or programme is measured in credits, using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). 30 credits are equal to the workload of a full-time student over one semester. Full-time studies in Sweden correspond approximately to a 40-hour week, though students might only have a few hours of lectures or seminars each week. Teaching may take other forms, such as seminars, group work, laboratory work and independent study time. The number of contact hours on a course will largely depend on the subject and the design of a particular course.

Legal background

According to the Regulation on application and tuition fees at universities and colleges (SFS 2010:543 and 2011:303), citizens from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, also referred to as third-country students, shall in certain cases pay a fee for their higher education.

University-level decisions regarding tuition fees (In Swedish only)

Student services and support

Fee-paying students are subject to the same services, rights and obligations as non-fee-paying students, such as study and career counselling, student health services, special pedagogical support, and access to library and university facilities.

Additional services and support for fee-paying students

Fee-paying students can benefit from our housing guarantee. This means that as long as they apply for and accept their offer on time, we will provide fee-paying students with a student dormitory room for the duration of their studies. The housing guarantee also applies to scholarship recipients. Please note that fee-paying students who profit from our housing guarantee are still responsible for paying rent.

Student rights

All enrolled students at Swedish universities have many rights as well as responsibilities, which may affect their educational experience. The rights of students are regulated in a number of national acts and ordinances as well as in universities’ internal regulations.

The Higher Education Act
The Higher Education Ordinance
The Work Environment Act
The Discrimination Act
Laws Regulations at the university level

Quality assurance and student influence

Swedish universities and the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) have a shared responsibility for quality assurance in higher education. Most quality assurance efforts are to be conducted by the universities and all universities are required to have systematic quality assurance processes.

When students are taking part in or have finished a course they will be given an opportunity to describe their experience and express their opinions in a course evaluation. The universities are required to arrange course evaluations and summarise their results and they also have to inform students about these results and any measures that may be adopted because of them. Students can also influence their studies through representation in their university’s decision-making and planning bodies.

Are you a current student?

Information about fees for current students.

Contact the tuition fee coordinators

If you have any questions regarding tuition fees or how to make a payment, please send an email to feemaster@uu.se or call:

Josefina Adolfsson, +46 18 471 75 76
Kristof Aerts, +46 18 471 19 26
Tomas Högberg, +46 18 471 19 30
Kristin Sverredal, +46 18 471 19 11

One of them is always available on the phone between 10:00 and 11:30, Monday to Friday except for Thursday. Otherwise, they will answer if they have time.

Last modified: 2022-01-21