Research at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)

We identify and explore current ethical issues through conceptual, normative and empirical approaches. Our research is both fundamental and applied: providing conceptual tools and hands-on guidance for stakeholders in research, policy, clinical practice, and beyond.

Conceptual tools and hands-on guidance

The centre's multi-method approaches support the development of ethical guidance for decision-making in research, development and clinical practice. We combine empirical research on stakeholder views with normative and conceptual analysis, providing tools for research and practice. Theoretical approaches explore concepts to develop our understanding of different phenomena required to address ethical issues.

We offer critical examination of normative, empirical and conceptual assumptions in ethical debates. We provide empirical findings and evidence that can serve as a solid basis for ethical discussions, regulations and policies. Our work builds bridges between academic integrity and research ethics. Close collaboration with the Region of Uppsala provides opportunities for research on the ethical problems that are arise in healthcare. The centre also provides critical mass to tackle ethical issues in large European research consortia training a new generation of researchers.

Our areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

We contribute to the knowledge base for how to promote good research practice and responsible research and innovation, focusing on six key areas.

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