Collaboration and innovation

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Uppsala University welcomes broad cooperation with the surrounding community.

We can help municipalities, authorities, companies and organisations with skills enhancement of their staff through tailor-made courses – contract education (in Swedish).

Within our study programmes, students can take on assignments at different types of organisations.  Through our career networks CareerGate and Studentkraft (in Swedish) you can advertise projects that students can apply for. At CareerGate you can also find recently graduated students.

There are two main forms of research cooperation: contract research and other forms of collaborative research.

Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital

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Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital together train more than 3,000 physicians, nurses and other medical staff a year. We conduct world-leading research to create new treatments and solve the puzzles of serious diseases.

More than 400 staff are employed by both the University and the University Hospital. Clinical research has a turnover of around SEK 500 million and generates approximately 1,500 scholarly publications per year.

Find out more about Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital’s long collaboration.

Innovation projects at Uppsala University

Take a look at some of the innovations currently being developed at Uppsala University. Here we present a selection of projects where new solutions are born out of research and education, to the benefit of society.

Vinnova competence centres

Vinnova funds a number of Swedish competence centres where universities, university colleges, research institutes, private companies and public sector actors conduct close cooperation on research within areas important to Sweden’s competitiveness. The following three competence centres are led from Uppsala University.

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Governance documents for external collaboration

External collaboration includes all forms of cooperation in research and education between the University and actors in the surrounding community. Here are the University’s governance documents concerning collaboration.

Last modified: 2021-10-05