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Uppsala University is here both for you and for society. The knowledge, expertise and solutions we develop are for the benefit of all. Working together with you and others, we can come even closer to creating a sustainable society.

Is your organisation our next partner?

Find out about the latest findings within a specific subject area and leverage new findings and innovative solutions to help your organisation develop. Our goal is simple – it should be easy for you and your company or organisation to collaborate with our researchers. To this end, we offer support in each step of the process, from inspiration and matchmaking to sharing knowledge and full-scale, funded collaborations. What are you looking for?

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Uppsala University Innovation Partnership Office – we help research and innovation do good

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Find an expert on sustainability

Whether you are looking for an expert who can help your company, hold a leture or lead a project, we want to help you get in touch with the right person. Here we have gathered researchers at Uppsala University who are experts in different types of sustainability issues, as a resource for you and to enable the researchers to forge new connections and help their research results come to practical use for society.

Find researchers and experts on sustainable development

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Our largest collaboration

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Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital together train more than 3,000 physicians, nurses and other medical staff a year. We conduct world-leading research to create new treatments and solve the puzzles of serious diseases.

More than 400 staff are employed by both the University and the University Hospital. Clinical research has a turnover of around SEK 500 million and generates approximately 1,500 scholarly publications per year.

Find out more about Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital’s long collaboration.

Innovation projects at Uppsala University

Take a look at some of the innovations currently being developed at Uppsala University. Here we present a selection of projects where new solutions are born out of research and education, to the benefit of society.

Vinnova competence centres

Vinnova funds a number of Swedish competence centres where universities, university colleges, research institutes, private companies and public sector actors conduct close cooperation on research within areas important to Sweden’s competitiveness. The following three competence centres are led from Uppsala University.

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Last modified: 2022-09-08