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Our largest collaboration

Surgeons in an operating room.

Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital together train more than 3,000 physicians, nurses and other medical staff a year. We conduct world-leading research to create new treatments and solve the puzzles of serious diseases.

More than 400 staff are employed by both the University and the University Hospital. Clinical research has a turnover of around SEK 500 million and generates approximately 1,500 scholarly publications per year.

Find out more about Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital’s long collaboration.

National competence centres

Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency funds a number of Swedish competence centres where universities, university colleges, research institutes, private companies and public sector actors conduct close cooperation on research within areas important to Sweden’s competitiveness. The following competence centres are led from Uppsala University.

Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences 

Research and development of new technologies for 3D printing, including complex structures for improved bioprocesses, more reproducible 3D tumour models and quicker optimisation of medical treatments. The centre is funded by Vinnova. Contact Project manager Cecilia Persson

Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences website

Batteries Sweden (BASE)

Research to create new types of light, cheap, environmentally friendly and safe batteries with ultra-high energy capacity. The centre is funded by Vinnova. Contact Project manager Kristina Edström

Batteries Sweden (BASE) website

Competence centre Academic-Industrial Nuclear Technology Initiative to Achieve a Future Sustainable Energy Supply (ANItA)

The ANItA competence centre is part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s investment in competence centres, for the period 2022–2026, in the area of sustainable energy systems, and is led by Uppsala University.

ANItA assembles much of Sweden’s industrial and academic nuclear expertise under one umbrella with the purpose to support development of a knowledge-based strategy for introducing small modular reactors in Sweden. The work of the centre is multidisciplinary and covers not only nuclear technology but also licensing and regulatory aspects as well as issues related to the impact of the introduction of new nuclear technology on industry and society’s techno-economic strategies. The centre is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. Contact Coordinator Ane Håkansson

Article:Centre of competence in nuclear technology poised for launch

Competence centre Solar Energy Research Centre Sweden (SOLVE)

The SOLVE solar energy research centre is a new part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s investments between 2022 and 2026 into centres of excellence for sustainable energy systems and is coordinated from Uppsala University.

SOLVE is a strategic partnership between Sweden’s excellent research base within solar energy and a broad and committed group of actors in the public and private sector. The centre’s shared vision is more widespread use of solar energy in Sweden through smart and well thought-out integration in cities, on land and in the energy system, to contribute to the sustainability goals. The centre also intends to offer a clear role for Swedish companies in the expansion of solar energy both in Sweden and internationally. The centre is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. Contact Coordinator Marika Edhoff

Article:Uppsala University integrating into solar energy research

EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden (ENCCS)

The centre is a joint initiative between the ten largest Swedish universities and the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). It is one of 33 national competence centres across Europe, aiming to provide training and support for users of EU’s supercomputers. The goal is to bring together the skills required to use the cross-border European network of high performance computing systems. The centre is funded by the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), the Swedish Research Council, and Vinnova. Contact Director Lilit Axner

EuroCC National Competence Center Sweden (ENCCS) website

Swedish Drug Delivery Centre (SweDeliver)

SweDeliver is a world-leading research centre focusing on new strategies for parenteral, oral and pulmonary drug delivery. The centre is funded by Vinnova. Contact Project manager Christel Bergström

Swedish Drug Delivery Centre (SweDeliver) website

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