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Advertise on UU CareerGate to find and recruit top talents among Uppsala University’s students. You can use UU CareerGate to recruit students both for employment and for degree projects.

The door is open

At Uppsala University there are unique collections of art and science history, a rich musical scene and a broad range of museums. All is available to visitors and the people of Uppsala. Read more about the cultural offerings at Uppsala University.

In Uppsala you can take part in lectures by researchers, authors, politicians, Nobel Prize winners and many others. Many lectures are open to the public and can give new knowledge, new ideas and new insights. Check the calendar to see what’s coming up.

Initiative for newcomers and integration

Uppsala University has knowledge in a number of important areas relevant to the current situation with many newcomers in Sweden. We have different opportunities for continuing professional development. There are also opportunities aimed directly at newcomers. In several projects we collaborate closely with other actors in society.

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Uppsala Health Summit

Uppsala Health Summit

Uppsala Health Summit is a recurring international policy meeting on the challenges of healthcare in the world, and how we can overcome them. Initiators are Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala County Council, Uppsala City Council and World Class Uppsala. The goal is to enable research and development results to reach healthcare and patients sooner.

Centre for Professional Development and Internationalisation in Schools

The Centre for Professional Development and Internationalisation in Schools provides information and resources to schools, principally in the areas of internationalisation, culture and language didactics. To this end we organise courses, seminars and conferences in Sweden and abroad, and provide tailor-made in-service training for individual teachers, teaching teams, schools and municipalities. The Centre for Professional Development and Internationalisation in Schools also offers several courses for which the students receive university credit points. Our mission is to achieve real and practical internationalisation in schools.