Before the defence

The dissertation defence day is booked by the PhD student via the faculty's booking system. The system allows two bookings per doctoral student, one first choice and one second choice. When the decision on the disputation day is complete - immediately cancel any unused reserve time. When the booking is completed, a confirmation is automatically sent by e-mail. Keep in mind that the booking system is only a time reservation. The venue for the dissertation defence is booked via Nicole Hafner.

The principal supervisor is responsible for identifying and engaging the opponent and members of the examining committee (for guidelines regarding the opponent and the composition of the examining committee, see General syllabus, page 9; for a description of the opponent's task, see For the opponent Pdf, 123 kB.. The principal supervisor submits information regarding the date of the public defence, title of the thesis, opponent, examining committee, chairperson to Nicole Hafner (this information must be received by Nicole Hafner before the final review). In addition to the name of the opponent and members of the examining committee, the title, university/department and e-mail address are also required. The administrator completes the decision form, which is signed by the head of department before it is sent to the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

One of the members of the examining committee shall be a docent-qualified teacher/researcher employed at IP; this member shall act as chairman at the public dissertation defence. Persons who have acted as lecturers at the mid-way and/or final review seminar may not be members of the examining committee at the public dissertation defence.

When producing a thesis, Uppsala University Library helps with graphic design, archiving and electronic publishing in DiVA, as well as contact for printing works. Read more on the library's page Publish your dissertation.

An offer from the printing company must be approved by the head of department and an agreement must be signed between the department and the doctoral student before printing can begin. The offer is submitted to Annika Landgren who organises the agreement. The department orders the basic edition (120 complete copies*). The department invoices the doctoral student (and adds VAT) if he/she has ordered extra copies for his/her own use.

* Of these, the doctoral student receives about 60 copies, Carolina Rediviva 7 copies and the department the rest for mailing and distribution.

Author contributions shall be included in the printed thesis, after "list of papers" and before "contents" and contain a specification of the doctoral student's individual contributions to all articles with multiple co-authors included in the thesis according to the following categories:

  1. study conception and design
  2. acquisition of data
  3. analysis and interpretation of data
  4. drafting of manuscript
  5. revision of the final version

Contributions (PDF) Pdf, 65 kB.

The doctoral student can request compensation for language review. An offer from the language reviewer must be approved by the head of department and an agreement signed between the department and the doctoral student before the review can begin. For information regarding procured language reviewers, contact Annika Landgren.

The posting of the thesis must take place no later than 3 semester weeks before the date of the dissertation defence. Read more on the University Library's page Publish your dissertation under the heading Posting your thesis (nailing).