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Wherever you are in Uppsala, Sweden or the world, you can always keep in touch with your fellow students and Uppsala University through an alumni association

Uppsala University Alumni Network

Through Uppsala University’s alumni network, we can continue to stay in touch with each other. Through email, LinkedIn, and other digital services, you will receive information about our events, keep updated on the latest research through our newsletters, and gain access to career advice and professional development. You will also receive Uppsala University’s digital magazine.

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Alumni associations in medicine, pharmacy, health, and care

Students from the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy are found all over the world all over the world. Through an alumni association, you will have access to a vast network and can keep in touch with your fellow students, your field of science and Uppsala University. You will get information on scientific developments and have the opportunity to participate in your association’s events.

Farmis is an association for students, former students with degrees, employees and former employees of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Uppsala University or the former Farmaceutiska institutet in Stockholm. The purpose of the association is to promote contact between former students and between them and the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Farmis Alumni Association at LinkedIn

Master of Science in Medicine is an association for students and alumni of the Master's programmes at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Uppsala sjuksköterskehem is an association for registered nurses with a degree from Uppsala University. Students during their undergraduate studies are welcome, and membership is then free of charge. Nurses from other educational institutions can join as supporting members.

USH’s website

ANSA is an association for those who have graduated as specialist nurses in emergency care at Uppsala University or are studying that specialist training. ANSA aims to promote the development of specialist nurses in emergency care, based on networking and collaboration, for lifelong learning and intellectual development.

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