Collaborate on education

Learn something new! Thanks to the Faculty of Medicine, the collaboration with Uppsala University Hospital, and Sweden’s only Faculty of Pharmacy, we can offer a wide range of appreciated contract education for professionals and tailored study visits and events for curious schoolchildren.

Contract education

We offer many open courses for physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

Contract education in medicine and healthcare

We also offer training in pharmaceutical research for both individuals and organisations.

Contract education in pharmaceutical development

We can also try to help you customise training courses based on your needs.

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Upper secondary schools

Let your students learn how researchers and pharmaceutical experts investigate the unique interaction between humans, diseases and pharmaceutical molecules. Some of the questions we address are:

  • How do medicines work?
  • How does the medicine find the headache?
  • How do you invent new medicines?
  • Why can’t certain diseases, such as HIV, be cured?
  • Is there any science behind the development of ointments and tablets?
  • How does pharmaceutical research work in practice?

Our researchers give popular science lectures primarily aimed at upper secondary school students and interested members of the public. We also offer guided tours of our laboratories and hands-on activities.

Contact us, and we will plan a study visit that suits you based on the possibilities available on the date you want to visit us. For upper secondary school students, this includes information about our programmes and the opportunity to meet our pharmacy and prescription students.

Booking and information: Ruta Dahllöf, Study Adviser, Uppsala University.

Primary and lower secondary schools

Book a visit with one of our talented students or researchers and let the pupils invent their own medicines and build new pharmaceutical molecules. Of course, the children can ask any questions about medicines and diseases. The activity is suited for children of primary school age.

Booking and information: Ruta Dahllöf, Study Adviser, Uppsala University.

SciFest science festival

SciFest is the annual science festival of Uppsala University and SLU. It offers a wide range of workshops, shows, competitions, research meetings and lectures. Curious people of all ages can try out and get a taste of research in all fields of science. Many participants are students, young researchers and innovators who inspire other young people.

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