Mid-way seminar

The mid-way seminar is compulsory. It takes place when the equivalent of two years of full-time work has been completed and may be carried out when all required courses are finished.

You can replace the mid-way seminar with a licentiate seminar.

Written report

The mid-way seminar shall include a written account of the project and an oral presentation in the form of a seminar. The written report can be a compilation consisting of an introductory chapter (kappa) together with one or more articles/manuscripts or a monograph. The report should include a plan for the remaining part of the studies.

Assessment panel

The principal supervisor appoints three experts who are independent of the project. At least two must have docent qualifications, and no more than one may be from the home department. Together with the supervisors and the doctoral student, they assess the project and its potential to lead to a doctoral degree.

Timetable and protocol

The department sets the date for the mid-way seminar. To allow the experts to prepare the review, the assessment panel must receive the written report at least two weeks before the seminar.

A record of the completed mid-way seminar is drawn up. All members of the assessment panel sign the minutes. The mid-way seminar does not include any element of examination.