Admission and registration

The Department of Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics sends an e-mail with welcome information to all admitted students. On our courses/programs you must register yourself via Ladok.

If you are a new student, you must first activate your student account. The registration period is open 2023-12-23-2024-01-07.

Reserves are called by the department to your e-mail address that you have entered on, at the earliest from 2024-01-02. If you are offered a place, you must respond as soon as possible, information is given in the invitation. If you accept a possible place, you will be admitted and registered by the institution.

Check your email regularly, even your spam!

If you have registered for your course/program but then change your mind, please notify as soon as possible.

After admission, registration to courses must be done directly by the student in Ladok. Registration can also be done after contacting the administrator Karin Hellstadius. If you do not meet the entry requirements, you cannot register.

Remember: Before each course starts, you must register as a student for the course you intend to participate in and, if necessary, prove your eligibility.

Information about the course and schedule can be found in Studium.

Apply for a course - program student

Program students who study their first semester (Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics A: Nutrition) do not need to apply for the second semester course (Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics B: Food Science). The department's course administrator moves all program students up to the B-course provided they are eligible. However, you need to register for the course no later than the day before the course starts, which is done via Ladok.

Before semester three, you as a program student must also apply for the program's courses. You do this via It is important that you log in as a program student when you apply for courses within the program, otherwise you may lose your place guarantee. If you intend to take courses that are not part of the program, you should apply for these as independent and not as a program student.

You must also remember to accept the course in question according to the instructions in the admission notice. Registration via is usually open during the period March 15 - April 15 for applications to fall courses and September 15 - October 15 for applications to spring courses. The admissions unit, director of studies and study counselors can provide information on how to apply and remind you when it is time to apply.

The order and content of the courses are based on a progression of knowledge and skills. Each syllabus contains information on the eligibility requirements for each course. If you as a program student have remaining credits and do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will be admitted with conditions. This means that the institution has the full right to refuse registration if the eligibility is not achieved before the start of the course. How extensive and which elements are missing for fulfillment of eligibility determines whether further studies are possible or not. Contact administrator Karin Hellstadius for questions regarding registration for conditional admission