Refund policy

Repayment of the tuition fee is only possible in cases where the student is prevented from participating in the programme or courses due to extenuating circumstances. This is regulated by the Ordinance on application fees and tuition fees at higher education institutions (2010:543). Only pay the tuition fee if you are certain that you want to study at Uppsala University. Kindly note that Uppsala University does not grant reimbursement for financial reasons.

When applying for a refund the student must provide documentation which confirms that they are prevented from participating in the studies. Please see the application form below to see what documents are required depending on the reason for applying. If necessary documentation is missing, the tuition fee officers will contact the applicant.

We strongly recommend you to apply for ra refund as soon as you know you are prevented from participating, as the bank may make deductions for transactions older than ten months.

To apply for reimbursement of the tuition fee, please use the online form for reimbursement of tuition fee.



Reason(s) for a refund

Required document

Denied Residence permit

The decision from the Swedish Migration Agency, all pages

Conditionally admitted to study programme and do not meet the requirements before the programme starts

Certificate from Programme Coordinator

Do not fulfil requirements for mandatory courses within the study programme

Certificate from Programme Coordinator

Personal medical reasons

Medical certificate which clearly explains that your personal condition prevents you from participating in the studies

Granted Swedish residence permit for other reasons than studies

The decision from Swedish Migration Agency, all pages

Other reasons

Any document which confirms you are prevented from participating

Please note that the supporting documents must be in Swedish or English.

If you have been granted a refund, the amount is always transferred back to the same account as the payment was originally made from. This rule applies regardless whether you have paid from your own account or through another account holder. Upon receiving a positive decision, it normally takes around a month before the amount has arrived in the original account. In some cases it may take longer, and we unfortunately cannot offer an exact timeline.

Repayment to Iran

Due to international regulations, it is currently not allowed for Swedish universities to transfer money to Iran. You should be aware of this when you make a payment to Uppsala University, and be conscious about the account you choose to make the payment from. A reimbursement is always made to the same account the payment was originally made from. Consequently, we recommend that you choose a payment method that works even if a refund must be made.