It's all about your future career

We are here to support you and pave the way for your career already during your studies, whether you choose to enter the job market directly, start your own business, or go on to further studies after graduating.

Read about what career support you are entitled to as a student at Uppsala University, get inspired by some of our amazing alumni or see what you can do to prepare for a possible career in Sweden.

Meet our career counsellors

You can turn to Uppsala University's central study and career counsellors for general counselling or to the counsellors at the departments that specialise in the department's subjects and programmes.

Study and career counselling

The University building, a ceremony in the grand auditorium.

PhD studies

Would you like to continue your studies at doctoral level? Uppsala University regards the education and supervision of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students as one of the most significant and valuable activities at the university.

PhD positions provide students with a unique opportunity to cultivate their interest in a particular area of research and make an important contribution to the development of new knowledge.

A PhD degree is equivalent to four years of full-time study.