ANItA (Academic-industrial Nuclear technology Initiative to Achieve a sustainable energy future) is a competence center whose purpose is to gather academic and industrial nuclear technology competence in both technical and non-technical areas. ANItA is initially financed by Swedish academia, the Swedish nuclear industry and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Atom nucleus and electrons symbol on dark blue background

ANItA's goals are:

  • through research and development, generate knowledge-based decision support aimed at quick and safe implementation of new nuclear power technology in Sweden. This is to enable Sweden to become a completely fossil-free nation.
  • generate new national nuclear technical expertise to ensure safe operation of existing and future nuclear power facilities.
  • spread fact-based knowledge in the nuclear technology area to both the public and decision-makers.
  • develop into a technical support organization for politics, authorities and society at large.
  • create good conditions for Swedish industry and social life to benefit from a good energy supply, and so that Swedish industry can become an important partner to international reactor suppliers.
Last modified: 2022-10-20