New in Sweden and want to study

If you have recently arrived in Sweden and wish to study at Uppsala University there are a few things that are important to consider. Depending on what kind of educational background you have and what you want to study, different rules and application procedures apply.

To begin with, you should apply to have your previous educational qualifications evaluated. You should also acquire university-level knowledge of Swedish or English, if you do not already possess this. 

Check if you meet the entry requirements for your desired level of study. If you do not meet all general and programme-specific entry requirements, you may be able to take a supplementary upper secondary course to enable you to study at Uppsala University.

Contact and more information


Contact a study and career counsellor to discuss your options and how to proceed with your studies.

Study and career counselling in Uppsala
+46 18 471 47 20,

Study counselling at Campus Gotland in Visby
+46 498 10 82 45, +46 498 10 82 16,

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Last modified: 2023-01-05