Fundamental research in ion-solid interaction

At the Tandem Laboratory, we constantly strive to refine and further develop the experimental methods we use, and to find new ways how ion beams can benefit research and industry. For accurate, quantitative materials analysis as well as targeted materials modifications, the underlying physical interactions between ions and matter need to be understood precisely. Therefore, we are also conducting research on these fundamental ion-solid interactions.

One of the key parameters for many ion beam based techniques is the energy transfer of the ion to the material. We study among others the stopping power (= mean ion energy loss per travelled path length) for different ions and materials of interest, and we are regular contributors to the IEAE stopping power database. In this area, we have a specific focus on electronic excitations in the low and medium-energy regime (few keV to few hundred keV), which is historically less studied and where interactions are much more complex.

Model of a silicon crystal. The individual atoms are depicted by blue squares.

Other research topics include interatomic potential at low energies as well as the influence of the ion charge state on energy deposition at different primary energies.

IEAE Stopping power database

Selected publications