Education and work experience in Europe

Through the Erasmus programme you can study or do a traineeship at a university, company or organisation in Europe. 

Erasmus is an exchange programme that gives you the opportunity to spend several months studying or working as a trainee in Europe. The Erasmus programme is well-known and highly valued on the Swedish and international job market.

As an Erasmus student you will study at a university in another European country for a period of 3-12 months. You will not have to pay any tuition fees at the host university; however, if you are a fee-paying student at Uppsala University then you will continue to pay tuition during your exchange period. Students will receive a scholarship as part of the Erasmus programme. If you undertake a traineeship in a company or organisation in Europe for 2-6 months, you can apply for an Erasmus Traineeship Grant.

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