If you have a foreign educational background

If you have a foreign educational background and wish to study at Uppsala University there are a few things that are important to consider. Depending on what kind of educational background you have and what you want to study, different rules and application procedures apply.

In order to be admitted to university studies you must fulfil the entry requirements. The entry requirements depend on which level of education you are applying for and which subject area you would like to study.

  • First cycle studies (Bachelor's level) requires a completed upper secondary education.
  • Second cycle studies (Master's level) requires studies at the Bachelor's level.
  • Doctoral studies requires a Master's degree.

Many courses and programmes have programme or course specific entry requirements. The specific entry requirements are listed in the information for each course or programme.

The majority of courses and programmes at Uppsala University require proficiency in Swedish and English. However, for studies taught in English, knowledge of Swedish is not required. For PhD studies Swedish may be a prerequisite, but not always.

All first and second cycle courses and programmes require knowledge of English regardless of the language of instruction. Knowledge of English is required if you want to study at the doctoral level.

Start studying Swedish and English if you lack knowledge in these languages.

Learn Swedish

Swedish för immigrants

Swedish for immigrants (svenska för invandrare, SFI) is a course in the basics of the Swedish language. It is intended for adults who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue. If you would like to study SFI, are between the ages of 16-20 and have not completed your upper secondary education, you should turn to Uppsala kommun.


At Komvux, the adult education centre, it is possible to take upper secondary level courses, including courses in Swedish. Swedish courses taught at Komvux requires some basic knowledge in Swedish.

Swedish courses at Uppsala University

Uppsala University does not offer any beginner's courses in Swedish apart from those for exchange students. However, the university offers the courses Qualifying Course in Swedish as a Foreign Language, level 1, 2 and 3, which demand prior knowledge in Swedish and prepares students for university studies.

See Qualifying courses in Swedish as a foreign language.

Test in Swedish

If you are proficient in Swedish you can demonstrate your skills through a test called Tisus (Test i svenska för universitets- och högskolestudier). Having Tisus ensures that you meet the entry requirements for studying in Swedish at university. The test can be taken at various different universities in Sweden, including at Uppsala University, as well as in a number of areas outside of Sweden. More on Tisus's website.

Learn English

It may be enough to demonstrate your English language proficiency with your upper secondary high school grades or university studies. You can also demonstrate that you meet the English requirements through an internationally recognised test.

If you lack skills in English, you can take a supplementary course at Komvux.

More about the English language requirements at universityadmissions.se.

You must be able to demonstrate that you meet the entry requirements by providing official, original and translated documents. Your documents are needed to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for studying at the university level as well as for the selection. Find out what you need to submit and what needs tom be translated.

If you lack any documents you can get in touch with a study counsellor to discuss your situation.

If you have a foreign university education

If you have studied at university level in another country, there is a possibility that you can receive credit for all or part of your studies. There are also different types of complementary programmes.

Admission to a later part of a programme

If you have studied the same or similar subjects at another university, it may be possible to be admitted to a later part of a programme. Contact a study counsellor to discuss your options.

Receive credit for earlier studies of a degree

Courses that you have studied at a foreign university can be used as credit in a degree at Uppsala University.

Swedish licence

Uppsala University arranges complementary programmes and a test for some regulated professions to achieve a Swedish licence. See information about the:

Evaluation of foreign qualifications

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) evaluates foreign upper secondary education, vocational education, and university studies. UHR evaluates what your foreign qualifications are equivalent to in Sweden.

An evaluation is not necessary for applying to the university, but it can be useful whilst planning your future studies. It can also be useful for employers when you apply for jobs.

You may apply for an evaluation of your qualifications if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country or have applied for a residence permit in Sweden. You may apply for this evaluation before you receive your residence permit.

Apply for an evaluation

Contact a study counsellor

Meet our guides in Uppsala or on Gotland. You can turn to the university's general study and career guidance or to a guidance counsellor at a department who specialises in the department's subjects and programmes.

Talk to a study counsellor