Bring your partner or child

Some international students wish to travel with accompanying family members. However, most of the University's support and services are only provided to the individual student.

On this page, we have gathered practical information about how to apply for residence permits, our parental policy, insurance, childcare services and housing for families.

Man in zoom meeting while holding a toddler and watching his child

Residence permits and insurance

You can apply for residence permits for an accompanying partner or child/children. However please note that you will have to submit bank statements showing that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family members during your period of study. You can find further information on the Migration Agency’s website.

You would also need to purchase private insurance for your family members. The university provides emergency health insurance for the individual student, but this insurance does not cover family members.

Even if you are planning on registering with the Tax Agency and applying for Swedish personal identity numbers for your family members, they will need additional private insurance for the period during which their application is handled by the Tax Agency.

Studying as a parent

It must be possible to combine studies and parenthood, without this being an impediment to your studies. Therefore Uppsala University has a parental policy (pdf) to support the positive attitude towards parenthood which must prevail at Uppsala University. It shall provide guidelines and support for students who are to become or are parents. This Policy shall also provide teachers and directors with guidance on how they should relate to students and employees with children.

Childcare services

If you need childcare services, you should locate a nursery school or school and apply for a place as early as possible since waiting lists may be long. Read more:

Accommodation for families

There are a number of different housing options for students, including student dormitory rooms, apartments and shared houses. The housing guarantee for fee-paying students and exchange students is only offered for the individual student and we are unfortunately not able to provide accommodation for families. If you need a more roomy accommodation than a student room, you have to arrange your own accommodation while in Sweden.