International Master's Programme in Innovative Medicine

120 credits

Translational medicine strives toward bridging the gap from the research bench to the patient's bedside by the development of novel diagnostics and treatments. This is the core of the International Master's Programme in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) - a two-year programme aiming to provide knowledge, skills and competencies for your future careers in interdisciplinary and internationally competitive academic research or the private sector.

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Uppsala, Heidelberg, Groningen, 100%, On-campus, English

IMIM is a two-year international joint Master's programme focusing on translational medical research, modern molecular techniques, innovation and entrepreneurship. The programme is a European collaboration between the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Heidelberg University in Germany, and Uppsala University in Sweden. Several international Life Sciences companies are associated with the programme and other universities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The IMIM programme trains you for research in both academia and industry, for example through a multidisciplinary group project - "Bench to Bedside and Beyond" (BBB), focused on translational medicine and the innovation process with business and entrepreneurship. The programme courses cover various topics on disease processes, diagnostics, therapies and methods, allowing you to further develop your interest during several research projects, undertaken either at a university or at a company. The IMIM programme has received EIT Health´s quality label.

You apply for the IMIM programme directly through the programme office in Groningen.

Depending on a student's prior knowledge, the first year's studies are located in either Heidelberg, Groningen or Uppsala. In the second year, students must change university to either Groningen or Uppsala.

Student profile

As an applicant for the programme, you want to gain skills and competencies in translational medicine to work in international and interdisciplinary settings as a scientist or professional in academia or industry.

You have excellent English skills and enjoy interacting with people from all over the world. You are curious and enjoy problem solving in creative and innovative ways. You are highly motivated to pursue a career in academic research or work with innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry or your own startup company.


The programme leads to the degree of Master of Medical Science (120 credits) with Medical Science as the main field of study and, in addition, an equivalent degree from one of the partner universities.

In the IMIM programme, you will study at two of the three European partner universities and have further opportunities to carry out research projects in industry, at affiliated universities in South America or other universities. Depending on your prior knowledge and admission, you will study your first year at either of the universities in Uppsala, Heidelberg or Groningen, and in part together with existing Master's programmes.

Starting your first year in Uppsala

If you start your first year at Uppsala University, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that cause genetic diseases and cancer, as well as current methods and techniques used in diagnostics and treatment during semester 1. You will perform a short research project, write a scientific article, and evaluate and present current research. You will also follow a seminar series in bioinformatics, research- and bioethics. In semester 2, you will undertake a longer individual research project of 30 credits in a research group.

Starting your second year in Uppsala

If you start your second year at Uppsala University, you will during semester 3 gain additional research experiences during a research practice either at a university or in a company. In the last semester, the programme is concluded with an individual degree project (30 credits) in the form of a research or development project carried out in a research group or a company, nationally or internationally.

The BBB group project

To stimulate innovative and translational thinking, the programme integrates in all four semesters, a multidisciplinary group project - "Bench to Bedside and Beyond" (BBB) - focused on translational medicine, the innovation process with business leadership and entrepreneurship. Within BBB you will analyse the concepts for the success of different research groups, design a research application, prepare a business plan which you develop into a product, and during the last semester compile a PhD proposal or initiate a "start-up" company.

IMIM Spring School and Summer School - Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine

As part of BBB, you will further train your skills in leadership, and written and oral communication at the IMIM Spring School as well as build your professional network by meeting international companies at a fair. During the Summer School IPIM - Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine, you will acquire knowledge in entrepreneurship, intellectual property and research funding.

Courses within the programme

See the programme outline for courses within the programme.

The teaching consists of lectures, seminars, assignments, laboratory exercises and project work, individually and in groups. Lecturers are researchers and experts in their fields from academia and companies.

Seminars, labs and project work train you to critically review your own and others' results, compile and present data orally and in writing, and also plan and conduct research projects.

The programme is given entirely in English.

The IMIM programme prepares you for a career in the global job market within academic research, in the Life Science or Pharma industry, as well as for starting your own company.

The majority of our IMIM graduates have started their PhD studies at different international universities or in global Pharma companies after their degree work. Several are working in the Life Science industry for example research associates, project managers or specialists.

You can read more about our alumni on the IMIM programme's international website.

Career support

During your time as a student, UU Careers offers support and guidance. You have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and events that will prepare you for your future career. Learn more about UU Careers.