About Department of Government

400 Years of Political Science in Uppsala

Learn more about the history of the Department of Government in the film "Skytteanum - a living house". The film is ten minutes long and subtitled in Swedish and English.

The world's oldest, still active professorship in political science.

In 1622, Johan Skytte bequeathed land and property to Uppsala University. The donation was to finance a professorship in eloquence and politics. The Johan Skytte chair in Political Science and Eloquence is considered the world's oldest, still active professorship in political science.

Internationally recognised research

Over the centuries, the Department of Government has evolved around the professorship. Today, the department has about a hundred employees who in various ways enable the department's education and research. Our research is international in focus and characterized by disciplinary curiosity and methodological innovation.

Historic premises in the city centre

The Department of Government is beautifully located in the centre of Uppsala at Gamla Torget 6. The main entrance is on Östra Ågatan 19. Skytteanum, the building that was included as a professor's residence in Johan Skytte's donation, is still a vibrant environment where teaching and research is being conducted.

Students on internships and exchanges around the world

The Department of Government's students have great opportunities to influence the focus of their education and are supported in connecting with the labour market nationally and internationally. Each year, around 60 students go on exchange to one of the department's more than 50 partner universities in different parts of the world. For more than 30 years, the Department of Government has provided programme students with opportunities for internships in government agencies, national and international organisations, think tanks, political bodies and more.

The Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science

The original donation made in 1622 continues to finance research and the Johan Skytte Prize. The prize money of SEK 500,000 is awarded every year by the Johan Skytte Foundation in Uppsala to those who made most valuable contributions to political science.

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