Toolkit - Alumni After Work

Invite alumni and students to an informal after work. Mingle, network and discuss careers or current research news.

Purpose and target groups

  • To give students and newly graduated alumni insight into a professional area, how the labor market works and advice and tips for a future career path.
  • To give students and newly graduated alumni the opportunity to create valuable contacts.
  • To give alumni the opportunity to get in touch with students for degree projects and internships or future recruitment.
  • To give alumni the opportunity to meet former classmates again.
  • To inspire students to become members of Uppsala University's alumni network after completing their studies.
  • To give alumni and students the opportunity to broaden their networkof contacts, re-establish previous contacts and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Suggestions for target groups to invite

  • Alumni association/Chapter members
  • Alumni who have yet to join
  • Newly graduated alumni
  • Students

After work for alumni and students can be arranged in collaboration between an alumni association, a department and a student association.


  1. A person from the project group registers the guests and greets them as they arrive.
  2. The event is informal, the participants join when they can and stay as long as they want. All participants buy what they want to eat and drink at the bar.
  3. For a more interactive event, use our Quiz Toolkit.

You do not need to rent a private venue. The event can be arranged in a pub or bar that is open to other guests, but we recommend contacting the pub or bar well in advance and book part of the venue or an individual room.

In order for new members to find you, use something that signals where you are sitting, such as a table flag or roll-up.

If you want to invite alumni who do not live in the same city, arrange a virtual after work. See our Virtual event checklist.