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Reservations on different Campus

Scheduling and reservations of rooms for courses, meetings or conferences in TimeEdit is handled differently depending on the campus in which the rooms are located. In some places it is handled by bookers at the institution level, in other cases by bookers centrally in the campus. Not all rooms are reservable for everyone, so visit our campus room reserve pages for more information.

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The central scheduling and room reserve system for Uppsala University is called TimeEdit. The system manages students' schedules that are published in Studium to the students.

To work in the system, you have to participate in one or two courses, depending on what you need to do in the system. Courses and also workshops in the system are held regularly during the semesters. If necessary, courses can be specially adapted for those who want deeper knowledge in some part.

As staff, you can always change the text on the reservations you are booked in. You only log in at the staff entrance in TimeEdit (Same as reserving a meeting room at the top). No course is needed for this.

All questions and support of TimeEdit are done by e-mail

The schedule from TimeEdit is displayed in Studium on a courses if you have chosen to activate the schedule file. The schedule for that course is shown, and as students or staff, you can choose to see personal schedules. For students, the schedule is built up depending on which courses and groups the student is registered for. For staff, the personal schedule is made up of reservations that the staff are booked on.

If you want to search for a different schedule, you need to log in. Students can log in and search for the schedule for a course or program. The schedule then shows the current semester and no later than 5 weeks before the new semester opens viewing for that semester.

Staff can search schedules for not only courses and programs they can also search schedule for staff or premises. They can also search for a schedule further in time.

You can choose to subscribe to the schedule that you have searched for in order to add it to your own calendar


The institutions can reserve rooms for e.g. courses, defenses or meetings etc. This generates a cost for the institution if the rooms have a price, which they usually do. This means that each reservation is charged, when you reserve a room you need to specify which project number will cover the cost.

Rooms that can be reserved are mainly general teaching rooms such as classrooms, lecture halls and group rooms. The charge takes place centrally for the majority of the rooms. The costs are charged to the project number specified when booking and the revenue to the rooms owners ends up on the project number entered on the rooms in TimeEdit.

The basis for the charge for reserved rooms


Administrative scheduling support: