Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find some of the most frequently asked questions by students at the Faculty of Science and Technology.


You can make a late application through to courses that have open places after on time applications have been processed. Late application will only be considered if there are still places available in the programme.

No, you must meet the entry requirements found in the course syllabus or have equivalent knowledge.

You have not yet met the entry requirements, but it is anticipated that you will before the course starts. This can result from unfinished course credits or a specific course you have not yet completed.

If you do not meet the entry requirements you will be notified through e-mail. If you do meet the requirements you will be able to register in Ladok shortly before course start.

Further information on what applies when you are conditionally admitted or can't register on your course, can be found on the university-wide page on registration.

If you need to be re-registered on a course you have taken previously in order to complete unfinished course work, that can be done if there are open places in the course. In order to see if you can be re-registered contact the course responsible department during the regular registration period.

There are specific periods to retake exams during the academic year. If your course is given at several occasions during the academic year it's possible, if there is room, to retake the exam at a later exam date.

You can always retake any exam from the academic year in august.

You can find your course schedule through TimeEdit. A preliminary schedule is available at latest 5 weeks before course start.

Study leave, study break or changing programmes

There are two options if you wish to change programme.

  • You can apply for admission to later part of programme. This means, if you have a sufficient number of credits you can be admitted to study a programme without starting from the first term.

  • You can also apply for the first year of the programme through You must meet the entry requirements and be admitted through the normal admission process.

In both cases you have the same possibility to transfer credits from previous studies.

You can apply for a leave of absence. If your reason for absence is accepted, you have a place guarantee in your program when you resume your studies. How to apply for a break and which form to use can be found on the page about study breaks and academic leave of absence.

Degrees and credit transfer

You can apply for your degree and degree certificate once you meet the requirements. The requirements can be found in the programme syllabus.