Programme Mental Health Week
9–13 October 2023

Welcome to the Mental Health Week! During the week you can listen to lectures and webinars, participate in workshops and activities. All with the aim of informing and illuminating mental health and well-being.

On the Swedish website for the Mental Health Week, you will find the complete programme, where you will also find lectures and activities held in Swedish. The events take place in Uppsala, Visby or online.

Opening of the Mental Health Week

Vice Chancellor Coco Norén opens and welcomes you to the Mental Health Week 2023.

Time: Monday 9 October at 12:15

Location: The opening takes place via Zoom.

Coco Norén.

Events running throughout the week

The students' training facility Campus1477 is open all week for you as a student. Welcome to try training for free throughout the week: gym, group training, ball sports and climbing! You will find the entire programme on Campus1477's website.

During the week, you as a student also have the option of signing an unbound training card with a SEK 100/month discount (ordinary SEK 395/month).

Location: Campus1477, Von Kraemers allé 5, Uppsala

Do you get lethargic and tired in the autumn and winter? In the light room at Student Health Services in Uppsala, you can during the dark months compensate for some of your daylight deficiency.

From Monday 9 October, the Student Health Service in Uppsala will open its light room for the season. There is a drop-in and you register at reception and show your student ID.

Location: The Student Health Service, Övre Slottsgatan 7, Uppsala

Read more about the light room.

Programme day by day

Monday 9 October

Welcome to train with Uppsala Business & Economics Students Association. Simple exercises in a group with a focus on getting the heart rate up interspersed with strength moments.

Time: Monday 9 October, 13:00–14:00

Location: Borgen, Kyrkogårdsgatan 2B, Uppsala

Join us for a training session at Campus1477! On Mondays during the autumn, Student Health Service’s group exercise instructors hold free group training classes for you who are students. This particular Monday, it's a dance session with influences from house and hip hop.

Time: Monday 9 October, 15:30–16:15

Location: Campus1477, Von Kraemers allé 5, Uppsala

Are you worried about the future in relation to climate change threats? Climate anxiety is a growing mental health issue among both lecturers and students in sustainability-related fields in universities worldwide. The increase in climate anxiety in recent years has contributed to the need for educational institutions to address it properly.

During the lecture, the overview of recent research findings will be presented (including student voices from Uppsala University), with recommendations and open discussion questions related to this topic.

PhD Oleksandra Khalaim is a researcher and a lecturer at SWEDESD - Sustainability Learning and Research Center and Department of Women's and Children's Health at Uppsala University.

Time: Monday 9 October, 16:15–17:15

Location: The lecture is held via Zoom.

Time to roll up your sleeves and let colours and creativity flow!

Paint & Sip is a concept where we reuse vintage porcelain that gets new life where your own creativity sets the limit for the new design. There you will get the opportunity to buy vintage porcelain and crafts at a cheap price and the opportunity to give it a new look. In connection with this, there will also be sales of drinks as well as climate-smart food at favourable prices.

Gather your friends for a fun evening sustainable both for each other and the environment!


More information on the environment group.

Time: Monday 9 October, 16:15–17:15

Location: Uthgård, Polacksbacken Hus 73, Uppsala

Tuesday 10 October

Thoughts and feelings are a large part of our human experience. Sometimes they can be overwhelming. Welcome to this seminar to learn some strategies to manage thoughts and feelings in a more functional way.

This seminar is held by two of the counsellors at the Student Health Service. Welcome to sign up for the seminar!

Time: Tuseday 10 October, 15:15–16:30

Location: The seminar is held online via Zoom. Sign up for the seminar!

Do you ever feel anxious about when, how and why to cite sources? Don’t fret over footnotes and panic over parentheses!

At this session, the Language Workshop and University Library will guide you on how to cite sources in your work. After a short presentation, you can ask questions, get individual help, and practice referencing using our tips. You are welcome to bring an assignment that you are working on!

Time: Tuseday 10 October, 16:15–18:00

Location: The periodical reading room at Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala

V-Dala nation invites you to yoga! We meet at 18:00 to drink tea, have some fruit and hang out before we start with yoga. This is a good way to get a paus from studying and to take some time for yourself. No matter if you are a new student or have been studying for a while you are very welcome to join us for an evening with time for recovery!

Time: Tuseday 10 October, 18:00–19:00

Location: V-Dala nation, S:t Larsgatan 13, Uppsala

Wednesday 11 October

Do you feel stressed by expectations, deadlines, and a high workload? Do you need tips on how to reduce or handle symptoms of stress?

Join this lecture held by one of the counsellors at the Student Health Service to learn more about how stress affects us, and how to prevent and manage it so as to create a sustainable and enjoyable student life!

Time: Wednesday 11 October, 12:15–13:00

Location: The lecture is held via Zoom.

Jonna Sandin Larkander is a certified forest bathing guide and has a Master’s degree in Environmental Psychology from SLU (Outdoor environments for health and well-being). She will guide us through an exercise where we get to try mindfulness in nature, and she will tell us about the theories behind.

Go out into a forest area, park or garden, alone or together and follow along on Zoom via your mobile!

Time: Wednesday 11 October, 13:00–14:00

Location: Via Zoom and outdoors in an area near you.

Do you sometimes feel lost or stuck in your life? Do you long to be valued and heard?

Gestalt therapy focuses on you and these questions, just as you are in the “here and now”. How one meets the world is a result of many past experiences. What happens inside you when you struggle, in your mind, your body and your soul? What stories do you embody and hold? Working with a Gestalt therapist who is trained in using dialogue, art, drama etc., can yield important awareness and open a path to understanding yourself and becoming more authentically you.

Jill Trenholm PhD is a lecturer and researcher at IMCH (International Maternal and Child Health) at Uppsala Universit and a Gestalt therapist.

Time: Wednesday 11 October, 15:00–16:00

Location: Engelska parken, room 7-0043, Uppsala

The language café is the perfect place for all students who want to explore their interest in other languages. Whether it is trying out a new language, teaching their own or just exploring common things or differences, you will be able to do so in the cosy atmosphere of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science's union house "Uthgård". We will also open our Café Bocken where you will be treated with a nice fika to accompany the experience.

Time: Wednesday 11 October, 17:15–19:15

Location: Uthgård, Polacksbacken Hus, Ericssonsalongen, Uppsala

Friday 13 October

The Student Health Service, together with Uppsala University Chaplaincy, invites international students to Meet, greet, and fika! Come and sit down for a while, meet, greet, fika, play board games, and find new friends! We offer free fika and coffee. At 13.30 we arrange a speed dating for friends – welcome to join!

Time: Friday 13 October, 13:00–14:30

Location: The Student Health Service, Övre Slottsgatan 7, Uppsala

Academia is a complex space. It holds vast potential for curiosity-driven work and for social and cultural contribution. On the flip side, there can be a sense of competition, scarcity thinking, judgement, frustration and self-doubt. This talk addresses the question: How can we find our personal “True North” in this space and get the most out of our time at the University, from first semester to graduation and beyond?

Dr. Doris C. Rusch is a professor at Uppsala University, at the Department of Game Design, with a focus on transformative play, and regenerative systems design. She is also the founder and custodian of The Hut, an organisation dedicated to connecting people to their essential selves, each other and nature through body-based strategies, intentional creativity, systems thinking and the magic of play and symbolic action.

Time: Friday 13 October, 13:00–14:00

Location: At Campus Gotland room E 45 and via Zoom

With reservation for changes to the program.