Do you have a background in chemistry and are looking to take that next step in your academic journey? Uppsala University's chemistry degree programmes are characterised by a broad variety of courses, a large extent of lab teaching and a strong connection to research.

A Master of Science in Chemistry from Uppsala University will provide you with many opportunities to build an exciting career in academia, industry, the public sector, or entrepreneurship. The Department of Chemistry also has established partnerships with industry that provide good conditions for industrial doctoral students. Whatever your plans are for your future career in chemistry, our Master's programmes will meet your needs.

Person looking at two viles with different coloured liquids.

The Section of Chemistry

We conduct research in chemistry on two of our campuses in Uppsala. On campus BMC, our general research theme is the synthesis and analysis of molecules and their assemblies. This is to understand their structural and chemical features, and their implications in life science and technology.

On campus Ångström, one of the research fields is focused on the development of renewable energy sources and energy carriers. World-leading collaborative projects map the structure of metals and chemical compounds, including those with unique catalytic activity, electrical conductivity, and the ability to store energy.

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Why Uppsala University?

Uppsala University is recognised around the world as a leading, first-class university dedicated to advancing science, higher education and international student mobility.

As one of Sweden’s most internationally prominent institutions of academic education, research and scholarship, Uppsala University’s foremost aim is to safeguard and pursue the open and unbounded quest for knowledge.

If you have what it takes, and you want to be part of our mission, Uppsala should be one of your top choices in Europe.

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Current rankings

#82 - Academic Ranking of World Universities 2023 (the Shanghai ranking)

#105 - QS World University Ranking 2023

#140 - Times Higher Education 2023

#12 - QS World University Ranking: Sustainability 2024