Peace and Conflict

Why are there conflicts? How do we reach sustainable peace? Peace and conflict studies address crucial issues in a troubled world. Learn to analyse the phenomenon of genocide and other forms of mass violence in their historical and cultural contexts, specialise in how humanitarian work operates both in Europe and the world at large or get a deeper knowledge in analysing the origin, dynamics and resolution of armed conflicts on a scientific basis.

Whatever you are interested in, we provide Master's programmes related to peace and conflict in different aspects that will give you a broad skill-set with specialised knowledge in conflict management and peacebuilding at both national and global level.

A UNICEF helicopter landing on desert 

The Department of Peace and Conflict Research

The primary goal of research at this department is to understand the causes and dynamics of peace and conflict. The department has established itself as a key producer of cutting-edge research and a provider of high-quality data on conflict.

The department also houses the Uppsala Conflict Data Programme (UCDP), which provides unique, free and globally accessible data on armed conflict used worldwide for frontline research in the field.

Read more about the research on the Department of Peace and Conflict's website.

The Department of Theology

This department has a rich research environment and focuses on the knowledge and understanding of religions and world views, both in near community and in a global context.

The department carries out research on, for example, immigration, racism, the meeting between science and religion, ritual and mental health, theological and philosophical aspects of animal rights ethics and religion and welfare.

Read more about the research on the Department of Theology's website.

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