Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals

120 credits

Innovative therapies such as novel vaccines, immunotherapies, and gene and cell therapy are examples of strategies used in a growing field of academic research and the biotech industry. In our Master's Programme in Biopharmaceuticals, you will follow the entire life cycle of biopharmaceuticals, from design to production, testing and usage. The programme provides you with a foundation for future academic research or biotech industrial career paths.

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Uppsala, 100%, On-campus, English

Autumn 2024 Autumn 2024, Uppsala, 100%, On-campus, English

Biopharmaceuticals allow the treatment of previously difficult-to-treat targets, but the increased complexity comes with its own set of problems. The design and production of biological drugs differ from small molecular drugs, and you will study different strategies and the limitations and possibilities of these.

Through the courses in this Master's programme, you will learn about:

  • design strategies,
  • production of recombinant proteins,
  • in silico analysis of biologics,
  • pre-clinical and clinical testing,
  • regulatory approval procedures,
  • health economy.

The programme is run by active researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Uppsala University. It is closely tied to world-renowned research groups within the field of peptide and protein drugs, pharmaceutical modulations and proteomics at Uppsala University. It is also run in collaboration with biotech companies in Sweden and will have dedicated mentoring moments throughout the programme.

The programme prepares you for a career in research and development in academia as well as in the industry, and to work with regulatory approvals and patent matters.

Student profile

The programme will consist of 30-50 national and international students. The students in the programme will hold a Bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical sciences, cell biology, biotechnology, physiology, biomedicine, chemistry or biology. This allows you to learn from and build a network of people with different nationalities and a wide range of experience from diverse fields.


The programme leads to the degree of Master of Pharmaceutical Science (120 credits) with Drug Discovery and Development as the main field of study.

In the first year, you will attend mandatory courses, starting with a foundation course covering relevant topics aimed to give all students the same starting point for the programme. You will read courses on design, life cycle analysis, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of biopharmaceuticals. You will also learn methods for pre-clinical testing of biological drugs, techniques for in silico analysis of biopharmaceuticals and strategies and methods for production.

During the second year, you will be able to choose courses, either from recommended tracks focused on production, test design or regulatory aspects of biologics or free from relevant courses at the University. Finally, you will do your master thesis for either 30 or 45 credits within a research group at Uppsala University or another University, a regulatory body or a biotech company.

Courses within the programme

Year 1

  • Orientation course for Biopharmaceuticals, 7.5 credits
  • Biologics, 7.5 credits
  • Life cycle analysis of Biopharmaceuticals, 7.5 credits
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of biologics, 7.5 credits
  • Pharmaceutical protein drug development, 7.5 credits
  • Development of biologicals, 7.5 credits
  • Proteomics for drug development, 7.5 credits
  • Computer based pharmaceutical modelling, 7.5 credits

Year 2

  • Elective courses for 15 or 30 credits - either from recommended tracks or other suitable courses at the University.
  • Master's thesis for either 45 or 30 credits.

Teaching occasions will be in the form of lectures, practical projects, case studies and seminars. Practical exercise sessions are often connected directly to ongoing research in different labs or from the recent scientific literature.

Our lecturers are active researchers in their respective fields, associated with academic research, the biotech industry or working closely with biologics in the clinic.

The programme is taught entirely in English and will run on campus in Uppsala.

The pharmaceutical industry is in constant demand for new and enthusiastic graduates with in-depth knowledge of the biological drug discovery and development process. This Master's programme will provide you with an excellent platform to pursue a career in, for example:

  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • biotechnology companies,
  • public authorities,
  • regulatory bodies,
  • PhD studies in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology.

During the programme you will start building your professional network through networking symposia, invited lecturers and the collaboration with Testa Centre. You will also build an academic network through the mentor programme, course leaders and invited lecturers.

Career support

During your time as a student, UU Careers offers support and guidance. You have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and events that will prepare you for your future career.