Master's Programme in International and European Law and Business

60 credits

Do you want to work in international business? The Master's Programme in International and European Law and Business is unique in its combination of business studies and commercial law. It provides you with the knowledge and tools to reconcile business objectives with applicable legal rules and ethical considerations. The programme prepares you for a wide range of career paths in companies and organisations with cross-border activities, or national or international public agencies.

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Uppsala, 100%, On-campus, English

Autumn 2024 Autumn 2024, Uppsala, 100%, On-campus, English

The programme is designed both for those who have a background in business studies and want to supplement their education with studies in commercial law, and for those who have a background in commercial law and want to deepen their knowledge in business studies. The programme gives you an interdisciplinary overview of law and business and prepares you for work in international and European business.

During the programme, you can expect the following.

  • Learn proactive strategic analysis based on the purpose of a business, where the legal system is one of several elements to be included in the analysis.
  • Acquire integrated knowledge and skills in commercial law, which is not a mixture of law and business, but more than the sum of its parts.
  • Learn to communicate with both lawyers and business economists, so that you can make better and more informed decisions.

The programme's interdisciplinary design is unique in Sweden and very unusual in international comparison. Therefore, you will be able to gain distinct skills.

The programme is run by the Department of Business Studies, home to leading researchers in the areas of commercial law, international business, corporate entrepreneurship, industrial marketing, institutional analysis and more. You will be taught by faculty members who are engaged in research on internationally oriented commercial law, and cutting-edge research on international business. You will also benefit from Sweden's well-known reputation for social responsibility - values that are characteristic of all of our Master's programmes.



The programme leads to the degree of Master of Social Science (60 credits) with Commercial Law as the main field of study.

The programme consists of four courses of 15 credits each.

The first course is an introductory course consisting of a series of crash courses on international trade and business, the fundamentals of international and EU commercial law, and some theoretical and methodological tools that are central to the course.

This is followed by two courses which explore in greater depth key topics relating to the establishment of businesses in other countries, foreign direct investment (FDI), international business cooperation and acquisitions, and the regulatory framework of international agreements on trade in goods and services.

In the final course, you will write a Master's thesis of 15 credits, which is an independent academic work written with the advice and support of an appointed supervisor. The thesis is written in pairs, with one student having a background in business studies and the other student having a background in commercial law.

The programme has significant elements of relevant theory and methodology which are applied to a number of case studies. Through active collaboration between students with backgrounds in commercial law and business studies, respectively, you will learn to produce an integrated analysis using tools from both subjects. The learning of theory and methodology and the working approach within these case studies - where theory and methodology are applied to real or hypothetical situations - prepares you for the final thesis course.

Courses within the programme

First semester

Second semester

As a student in the programme, you will benefit from a variety of teaching methods including case-based group work, lectures and in-depth discussion seminars. In addition to the scheduled teaching, self-study of the course literature is an essential part of the learning process.

During the programme, different forms of examination will be used, both oral and written. Your knowledge and skills will be evaluated both individually and in groups.

All courses are held on campus in Uppsala. The language of instruction is English, as is all course literature. Consequently, a very good command of English is a prerequisite for completing the programme.

The programme and the acquired interdisciplinary skills will give you a unique profile and edge and will prepare you for a variety of career paths. You may choose between the public and the private sector. Within the private sector, possible employers can be found amongst multinational corporations or national businesses with the ambition of going international. Possible employers in the public sector include international agencies and organisations dealing with international trade (such as EU agencies or international trade agencies) as well as different national authorities (such as national trade boards).

Possible future job roles include all sorts of interdisciplinary advisory functions within or on behalf of organisations. Your acquired skill set should also qualify you for managerial positions. Besides, the programme gives you the opportunity of pursuing an academic career in interdisciplinary teaching and research.

Examples of possible job roles are:

  • compliance officer,
  • management consultant,
  • risk analyst,
  • policy advisor,
  • legal advisor.

Career support

During your time as a student, UU Careers offers support and guidance. You have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and events that will prepare you for your future career.