Juan Diego Duque Salazar

Kort presentation

My research interests primary relates to the dynamics of electoral violence and its short- and long-term consequences on political participation. My dissertation investigates on the gender differences on voting behaviours, non-violent mobilization and political representation in violent elections in Colombia, the Philippines and Nigeria. I have has previously worked in Fundación Ideas Para la Paz (FIP) in Colombia and in Notre Dame University in United States.


  • democratization
  • elections
  • gender and conflict
  • political violence


  • Master of social science in Conflict and Peace Studies, Uppsala University, - Uppsala, Sweden – (2017-2019)
    • Honored with the Rotary Peace Fellowship (2017-2019)
    • Master Thesis: When armed politics empower women: Gender ideologies in armed groups and women’s political empowerment: Evidence from Colombia. here
  • Bachelor in Political Science, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – Bogotá, Colombia (2009-2014)


Working Papers

Duque-Salazar, J. Forsberg, E. Olsson, L. (2019) “Gender provisions and implementation of peace agreements: A case-study of the Bangsamoro Peace Process”. Working Paper

Duque-Salazar J. (2020) "Electoral Violence and its impact on women's and men's political participation: Evidence from Nigeria". Working Paper

Non-peer reviewed Publications

Duque-Salazar J, (2019) “An explanation of why individuals join pro-government militias: The case of United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)” Pax et Belum Journal.

Duque-Salazar J. (2017) “About the amnesties and forgiveness” in “Forgiveness or Vengeance? In the way through the reconciliation”. Fundación Ideas para la Paz. National University, Fundacion para la Reconciliación. Ariel. Bogota (Book chapter spanish)

Duque-Salazar, J., Guerrero, V., (ed) (2016) “The civil wars in Colombia in the XIX Century”. Pontifical Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá.

Duque-Salazar, J. (2015) “Local Capabilities for Peace: Resources and Challenges for post-conflict in Cauca”. FIP (In spanish)

Duque-Salazar. J, Guarin, S. Meza, C. Tovar, P. Torres, J. (2015) “Local Capabilities for Peace”. Fundacion Ideas para la Paz. (In spanish)

Duque-Salazar, J. (2015) Amnesties: Broadening the concept of justice. Policy Brief, FIP. (In spanish)

Juan Diego Duque Salazar