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I am an Associate Professor (Docent) in Peace and Conflict Research. My work lies at the crossroads of political science, psychology and economics. I use a mix of methods, including natural experiments, field experiments and surveys in naturalistic settings, to study the mechanisms of social cooperation in the aftermath of major shocks such as civil wars, forced displacement and climate related natural hazards. I am also a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Psychology of Violence.


Manuscripts in progress

  1. Döring, S, Gredebäck, G., Hall, J., & Nordenving, S. Climate change and child development.
  2. Vesco, P., Baliki, G., Brück, T., Döring, S., Eriksson, A., Fjelde, H., Guha-Sapir, D., Hall, J., Knutsen, C.H., Leis, M.R., Mueller, H., Rauh, C., Rudolfsen, I, Swain, A., Vassiliou, P., von Schreeb, J, von Uexkull, N., Hegre, H. The impacts of armed conflict on human development: A review of the literature.
  3. Hall, J., Nordenving, S., Skoog, E., & Svensson, I. Explaining high-risk activism: Evidence from civil resistance against ISIS in Mosul.
  4. Ortiz-Ayala, A., & Hall, J. Colombian soldiers’ willingness to protect civilians: A field experiment.
  5. Hall, J., & Vassiliou, P. The effects of indiscriminate violence on social capital: evidence from the Battle of Mosul.

Conference papers

  1. Hall, J., Rogall, T. War Exposure, Perpetrator Identity and Attitudes towards Transitional Justice. Paper presented at the 119th American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 31 August - 3 September 2023, Los Angeles (accepted).
  2. Thompson, P. O, Hall, J., & Walsh, J.I. Threat, empathy, and acceptance of forcibly displaced persons. Paper presented at the 119th American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 31 August - 3 September 2023, Los Angeles (accepted).
  3. Döring, S, & Hall, J. Drought exacerbates the impact of war exposure on PTS: Evidence from surveys among refugees. Paper presented at the Nordic Climate-Conflict Seminar, 14 April 2023, online.
  4. Hall, J., Nordenving, S., & Vassiliou, P. Blame of ingroup versus outgroup perpetrators, empathy and altruism in intergroup conflicts. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP), 14-17 July 2022, Athens.
  5. Aronson, J., Ellsworth, T., Hall, J., Huth, P., Mironova, V., Walsh, J. I., & Whitt, S. Do expectations about post-war reconstruction foster cooperation? Evidence from an experiment in Mosul. 21st Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference, King's College, 20-22 June 2022, London.
  6. Aronson, J., Hall, J., & Huth, P., Walsh, J. I. Information, agency, and return intentions: Evidence from displacement following the Battle for Mosul. Paper presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 29 Aug-1 Sept 2019, Washington, DC.
  7. Aronson, J., Hall, J., Huth, P., and Walsh, J. I. Exposure to violence and parochial altruism. Paper presented at International Studies Association Annual Convention, 27-30 March 2019, Toronto.
  8. Hall, J., Skoog, E., & Karakus, D. C. When does kindness follow cruelty? The impact of social categorization on altruism in war-affected communities. Paper presented at the 51st Annual Peace Science Society International North American Meeting, ASU, 2-4 Nov 2017, Tempe & at the International Studies Association Annual Convention, 22-25 Feb 2017, Baltimore.

Under review

  1. Gredebäck, G., Hall, J., & Lindskog, M. Poor maternal mental health is associated with a low degree of proactive control in refugee children. R&R at Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
  2. Thompson, P. O, Hall, J., Hecker, T., & Walsh, J. I. Trustworthy information increases return intentions of displaced persons but is undermined by post-traumatic stress. R&R at European Journal of Psychotraumatology.
  3. Whitt, S., Hall, J., Aronson, J., Mironova, V., Huth, P., Walsh, J. I. Power-sharing versus power-grabbing in the aftermath of insurgent violence: Evidence from public opinion in Mosul, Iraq. R&R at Security Studies. [IF: 3.032]
  4. Hall, J., Kerschbamer, R., Neururer, D., & Skoog, E. Uncovering sophisticated discrimination with the help of credence goods markups – evidence from a natural field experiment. R&R at Management Science.
  5. Hall, J. Trauma and intergroup trust: The importance of post-war conditions. R&R at Journal of Peace Research.
  6. Hall, J., & Whitt, S. Examining affective partisan polarization through a novel behavioral experiment: The Equality Equivalency Test in the United States.
  7. Ellsworth, T., Hall, J., & Walsh, J. I. A selective return: Parochial altruism and the return intentions of refugees in Turkey.


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