Veijo Pohjola

Akademiska meriter:
prefekt, FD


Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences Uppsala University, and presently chair of the research program Air-, Water and Landscape Science, Department of Earth Sciences. Scientific focus is within glaciology, especially physical processes within ice masses. Participating in an ice core / mass balance / ice dynamics program covering the Svalbard Archipelago, focusing on retrieval of climatic records since 1997, and I have led over 25 expeditions to Svalbard. I have at present over 80 peer-reviewed and published papers in my CV with a H-number of 27 (web of science) / 35 (Google Scholar) September 2021.

Projects I have been participating is the last decade are: ESF-PolarClimate – SvalGlac , and the Nordic CoE in Atmosphere / Cryosphere research Svali, and ESF-Marie Curie NSINK.

During the International Polar Year (2007-09) actively participating in two IPY projects: 1.IPY-58 KINNVIKA (administratively as project leader) and scientifically active with the newly started Vestfonna ice core and ice dynamics project (; 2. IPY-37 GLACIODYN participating with the Lomonosovfonna /Nordenskiöldbreen project, for which I have been working with since 1997 (

Recent topics include collaboration with the hydro power industry in Sweden to estimate the water volume in snow, and I was 2018 granted a project from the Swedish Energy Agency to improve the knowledge of the snow storage upstream hydro power dams, and 2021 another grant to carry on how drones-based remote sensing can contribute to better prediction of hydro power production.

Veijo Pohjola