Study at the Department of English

The Department of English offers a large number of courses in English, Celtic studies and American studies. We also offer a Bachelor's programme in global English studies as well as a Master's programme in English.

Bachelor's Programme in Global English Studies

The bachelor's program in English with global perspectives, provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the concept of global English as a subject, and different ways of understanding the many places where we encounter English.

You will also have the opportunity to examine how the English language and its literary and cultural expressions are transformed.

Master's Programme in English

Our Master's programme in English includes a wide range of stimulating courses in three specialisations: English linguistics, English literature and American literature and culture.

The programme offers a first-rate foundation for research students, both from Sweden and abroad, who wish to explore the English langauge and its literatures. It is also excellent preparation for students who wish to continue with doctoral studies.

PhD Programme

The PhD programme in English offers three different specialisations: English linguistics, English literature and American literature. The programme makes you an expert in your chosen field and developes independent and critical thinking.

The doctoral programme prepares students for qualified work in business, public administration and institutions of higher education.