English is the most widely spread language in the world. It is the official language in countries on all five continents. In certain fields, e.g. computer technology and international aviation, English is the predominant language. It is also the most commonly used lingua franca.

The goal of our first-cycle courses in English is for you to develop your language comprehension and communicative skills, and to acquire knowledge of culture, society and literature primarily in the UK and the USA. On the C-level you have the opportunity to specialise in linguistics, English or American literature.

Alongside the regular A-C course track, we offer courses for specific purposes, e.g. legal and business English.


Bachelor's level, basic courses

Bachelor's level, continuing courses

Master's level courses

Archives of Empire, 7.5 credits Communicating Linguistics, 7.5 credits Criticism, Theory and Practice, 15 credits Cultures of Migration and Diaspora, 7.5 credits Cultures of the Avant-Garde, 7.5 credits English in Transition I, 7.5 credits English in Transition II, 7.5 credits From Project to Paper: Writing about Linguistic Research, 7.5 credits Genre, Mode, Literary Form, 7.5 credits Introduction to Corpus Linguistics, 7.5 credits Inventing America: The Writings of the Colonies and Early Republic, 7.5 credits Language in Society: Theory, Analysis and Interpretation, 7.5 credits Literary Theory, 7.5 credits Literature and Intersectionality, 7.5 credits Literature, Media, Technology, 7.5 credits Modernism and Modernity in America, 7.5 credits Modernisms, 7.5 credits Nineteenth-Century British Fiction, 7.5 credits Reading the Contemporary: Post-45 American Literature and Culture, 7.5 credits Reassessing Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature, 7.5 credits Rethinking 19th Century American Literature, 7.5 credits Risk Humanities, 7.5 credits Second Language Acquisition: Theoretical and Practical Approaches, 7.5 credits Shakespeare and Early Modern Culture in a Global Context, 7.5 credits Stylistics, 7.5 credits Teaching English in Language Classrooms Today, 7.5 credits The Atlantic World: Writing the Eighteenth Century, 7.5 credits The Gothic and Romanticism, 7.5 credits The New Modernisms, 7.5 credits The Nineteenth-Century Novel, 7.5 credits World Englishes: Social and Linguistic Perspectives, 7.5 credits Writing the Postcolony, 7.5 credits