Applied Materials Science

The Division of Applied Materials Science is part of the Department of Materials Science.

Welcome to the Division of Applied Materials Science. We are about 40 researchers, PhD students and administrative staff working here.

At the division, we are engaged in both teaching and in research, the majority of which consists of experimental activities. We often collaborate with both Swedish and international academic and industrial partners.

Our research is divided into four research groups: diamond optics, electron microscopy and nanotechnology, materials in medicine and tribomaterials.

Research areas

Study Applied Materials Science

We teach material science, material analysis, biomaterials and tribology adapted for different target groups. We provide education in the Bachelor of Engineering programme in Medical Technology and the Master of Engineering programme in Engineering Physics with Materials Science.

You can find more information about our programmes at the student entrance

Docotral Studies

We educate at doctoral level and if you are interested in becoming a doctoral student with us, you should keep an eye out for vacancies at the university.

You can also read more about being a doctoral student at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Current postgraduate courses can be found here

Degree Project

We welcome students who want to do their degree projects in our department. Read more about our research areas on our research group pages.

Get in touch with one of our researchers if you are interested in doing a degree project with us.

Contact the division

You are welcome to visit us at the Ångström Laboratory, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 in Uppsala. We are located in house 2, floor 2 (map).

The Division of Applied Materials Science is headed by Associate Professor Mikael Karlsson, phone 070-167 91 47.

Postal address:
The Ångström Laboratory, Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University,
P.O. Box 35, SE-751 03 Uppsala

Delivery address:
The Ångström Laboratory, Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University, Regementsvägen 1, SE-752 37 Uppsala

List of staff at the division