Notification of sickness absence and return to work (RTW)

Notification of sickness absence

A notification of sickness absence must be submitted to the Payroll Unit on the first day of illness.
You report sickness absence by logging in to Primula web (self-reporting) or sending an email to

When you have reported sickness absence, you will automatically receive an email containing information on how to proceed. At the same time, your head of department/equiv. and your administrator will receive an email notifying them that you are sick.

If you are absent for more than seven days, you are required to provide a medical certificate, which should be submitted to the local administrator at your department/equiv (VHR). The Payroll Unit will notify Försäkringskassan of your sickness absence on calendar day 15. You apply for sickness benefit yourself at Försäkringskassan on their website.

Notification of return to work (RTW)

Return to work (RTW) must be reported on the first day that you are back at work, regardless of the end date stated in your medical certificate. You report returning to work by logging in to Primula web (self-reporting) or sending an email to

An automatic e-mail is again sent to the administrator at your department/equiv. and to your supervisor/head of department for their information.

Should you change the extent of an on-going sickness absence, you must email the Payroll Unit who will make the necessary changes. You cannot do this yourself in Primula web.

It is also important that you notify your manager/equivalent and local HR according to your internal procedures.

Days 1-14, sick pay is received from the university at the rate of 80 % of your monthly salary. From this sick pay, a waiting period deduction (karensavdrag in Swedish) of 3.68% of your monthly salary will be made. The amount of the deduction is the same, regardless of the duration or extent of the sickness absence.

From day 15 on up until the end of day 365 of a sick-leave period, the employer pays a 10 per cent sickness benefit supplement on that part of a salary up to the base amount ceiling and a 87.60 per cent supplement on that part of a salary over the base amount ceiling. As of day 366, there is sickness benefit supplement on that part of a salary over the base amount ceiling.

Sick pay if you are employed less than a month (employed by the hour)

The Sick-pay Act (1991:1047) (SjLL) includes employees with a permanent employment or with a fixed-term employment of a least a month. If the agreed-upon employment period is less than a month, the employee must have begun their employment and subsequently have been employed during 14 consecutive calendar days.

Notification of sickness absence

If you become ill during the agreed-upon work period, you must notify your place of work. To apply for sick pay, fill in the form Timersättning sjukdom (in Swedish) once you are well. At the top of the form (where the field text is in red), fill in the total number of scheduled hours during the week when you became ill. Then state the dates and times of when you were ill and had been scheduled to work.

The form should be A/C coded and attested by the head of department /equiv., who will submit it either scanned via e-mail or via the internal mail system to the Payroll Unit. The Payroll Unit will assess whether you are eligible for sick pay.

Sickness during approved vacation time

According to the Swedish Annual leave Act, you have the right to interrupt your vacation if you become ill. This must be reported on the first day of illness. Your vacation days are then automatically changed to days of sickness absence.

As an employee at Uppsala University you are eligible for sickness compensation [invalidity pension] if you are ill for a longer period.

Temporary sickness compensation

You may be eligible for temporary sickness compensation if your work capacity is diminished owing to illness, injury or disability and you have been granted one of the following by Försäkringskassan:

  • Temporary sickness compensation
  • Partial sickness compensation without time limitation
  • Activity compensation for reduced work capacity

Sickness compensation

You may be eligible for sickness compensation if Försäkringskassan grants you a full sickness compensation without time limitation. In such a case, you will be separated from your position at Uppsala University.