Master's Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation

120 credits

Outline, TIL2M

A revised version of the outline is available.
Finalised by
The Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 11 November 2019
Registration number
TEKNAT 2019/267

Semester 1

Period 1

Period 2

Observe that 1TE061 and 1TE687 are first cycle courses, which means that some students might have studied similar courses in their Bachelor's degree.

For students who have not studied industrial management or project management before, 1TE061 and 1TS310 are recommended.

1TS310 is prerequisite for later courses and 1TE061 or 1TE779 is a prerequisite for 1TE775.

For students who have studied project management before we recommend 1TE779.

1TE736 and 1TE685 are prerequisites for later courses. For the third course during the period the student can choose between 1TE027, 1TE777 and 1TE775.

Semester 2

Period 3

1TE687 is prerequisite for later courses.

The student can choose between 1TE063 and 1TS311 (it is necessary to choose one of them to take 1TE051 in period 4).

Period 4

1TE735 is prerequisite for later courses.

1TE851 Degree Project in Industrial Engineering and Management (replaces 1TE850 Degree Project in Industrial Management and Innovation), only for students who wish to finish with a Degree of Master of Science-One Year. The course is given in periods 13-14.

Semester 3

Period 1

1TE077, 1TM116 and 1TE763 are prerequisites for later courses.

Period 2

Semester 4