Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics

Food, Nutrition and Dietetics – a highly topical subject – with a focus on what occurs in the interaction between humans and food and particularly related to health. From an interdisciplinary perspective, it covers everything from the prerequisites of gastronomic cooking, food service and management in the public sector and sensory evaluation in food production to dietary advice, nutritional therapy and dietary information to individuals and different groups in society, particularly to vulnerable groups such as children and older people.

Your studies will include nutrition and biochemistry, food science, food preparation techniques, microbiology and sensory science as well as psychology and food sociology.

Food, nutrition and dietetics is the foundation for further studies in dietetics and clinical nutrition in the Dietetics programme and studies in food service in the Bachelor's programme in food service and nutrition. It may also be included in the teacher-training programme as a specialisation or concentration in home and consumer studies. Food, Nutrition and Dietetics may be the major subject for the Degree of Bachelor of Science or the one-year or two-year Master of Science degree. Studies in food, nutrition and dietetics are offered in all cycles – at the basic, advanced and research levels.