Mikaela Görlin



  • aqueous interfaces
  • aqueous zn-ion batteries
  • charge storage
  • electrocatalysis
  • heterogenous catalysis
  • operando spectroscopy
  • oxygen evolution reaction
  • x-ray absorption spectroscopy


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My work primarily centers on conducting detailed mechanistic studies of energy-related materials in the fields of electrocatalysis and charge storage devices. I have actively participated in several cutting-edge research projects, with a particular focus on aqueous catalysis and batteries. My specialization lies in operando spectroscopic methods, with a special emphasis on X-ray absorption spectroscopy in both the hard and soft X-ray regimes. My keen interest revolves around redox-active centers and their pivotal roles in catalysis and charge storage processes.

My interest in materials and renewable energy sparked during my Master's studies at Uppsala University. I pursued my doctoral studies at the Technical University of Berlin, where I was enrolled in the Berlin International Graduate School of Natural Sciences and Engineering (BIG-NSE) affiliated with the Einstein Center of Catalysis (EC2). My research at this stage was centered around the Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) on transition metal oxides. During my time there, I made significant contributions to the early development of this field and provided valuable spectroscopic insights into the Ni-Fe oxyhydroxide catalyst.

Throughout my postdoctoral period, I have been actively engaged in research at Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, participating in projects related to catalysis and batteries. Presently, I am working as a researcher at Uppsala University, where my work revolves around research projects in catalysis and the exploration of alternative battery materials. These projects encompass various areas, including Zn-ion batteries, Li-O2 batteries, as well as OER/ORR electrocatalysts for Zn-air batteries.

Mikaela Görlin