Housing options

Student rooms

Student rooms are usually single rooms in a corridor with their own WC and shower, although there are some exceptions. The kitchen is usually shared with other students (4–12) living on the same corridor. Rooms may be furnished with a bed and mattress, a desk, chairs and a bookcase.

Male and female students live in the same corridor. This is the only type of student housing available through the housing guarantee.

Twin room arrangement

There are also rooms in “doublets” – a sort of twin room arrangement with an appointed roommate. The housing company can sometimes arrange for two people who know each other to share the same room.

Flats and apartments

Flats/apartments with 2–4 rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The flats are principally for families and most often unfurnished, except for larger kitchen appliances.

Payment of rent

Payment of rent in Sweden takes place monthly. Rent must be paid by the last weekday of any month, to cover the rent for the following month. Your rent usually includes electricity, water, use of a kitchen with appliances and a washing machine or laundry room.