Addressing gender imbalances in European research, providing data to shape policies for gender equality in research organisations.

  • Funder: EU – Horizon 2020
  • Type of funding: Projektbidrag

Gender equality in research

From 2021-2025, MINDtheGEPs will work to increase women's participation in research and innovation with the aim to improve women’s career prospects, to improve gender balance in decision-making bodies in research organisations, and to include gender dimensions in relevant research content. Increasing the quality and societal relevance of knowledge, technologies, and innovations produced.

The MINDtheGEPs project tackles gender imbalances through implementing gender equality plans that include both cultural and structural aspects. To remove barriers to hiring and the career development for women in research, and to distinguish gender inequalities within governing bodies and evaluation committees. This ensures actions align with the European Commission’s objectives for gender equality in European research.

Gender data and strong governance are central to MINDtheGEPs and the gender equality plans project partners are developing. In each implementing organisation, existing gender data is mapped, existing data is integrated with new ad-hoc data and a gender data portal is set up to make this data accessible, to help visualise where action might be required to reduce gender gaps.

In addition, project partners will create and reinforce roles and bodies that support gender equality in research careers (both men's and women's) and conduct a series of trainings to empower women in junior positions and raise awareness of gender gaps among their senior colleagues.

MINDtheGEPs partners are introducing work-family measures addressed to both men and women in their organisations, and setting equality targets for decision-making boards and gender-sensitive research. Creating conditions for the endurance of the gender equality plans they develop beyond the project’s lifespan. In the end, they will develop good practice advice for the design of future gender equality plans and actions for systemic institutional change.

Uppsala University's Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics is leading the MINDtheGEPs communication and dissemination workstream together with Elsevier. The role entails developing and implementing strategy and plan for communication, dissemination, and exploitation. Enabling communication with stakeholders and gatekeepers in partner organisations and on the national and European level: Tailoring, translating & reframing messages, and educating project audiences. With the aim to support long-term impact and structural change.

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MINDtheGEPs unites 10 European research organisations from 7 EU countries in the quest to close the gender gap in research and innovation. Together, universities, research centres and a scientific publisher work to ensure work-life balance for all and increase women's participation in research.

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