Fertility and Sexuality following Cancer

The research program Fex-Can investigates and aims to alleviate fertility distress and sexual dysfunction among young adults diagnosed with cancer

  • Funder: Swedish Research Council, Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, The Swedish Cancer Society,Radiumhemmets forskningsfonder
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The research program Fertility and Sexuality following Cancer (Fex-Can) investigates och conducts research on fertility-related distress and sexual dysfunction following cancer during young adulthood (18-39 years).

We examine sexual- and reproductive health among young adults treated for cancer, and evaluate the efficacy of internet-delivered programs aiming to alleviate fertility-related distress and sexual problems following cancer. We have also developed an educational program aiming to increase the readiness of nurses in talking about fertility and sexuality with cancer patients.

Fex-Can was initiated in 2013 by Lena Wettergren and Claudia Lampic.

The research program consists of four projects. Click the links below to learn more about the different Fex-Can projects.

Umeå Universitet, Karolinska Institutet

Medarbetare i Fex-Canprojektet

Members of the Fex-Can research program. From the left: Sarah Marklund, Rebecca Skog, Kristina Fagerkvist, Lena Wettergren, Claudia Lampic, Lars Sjödin, Johanna Rose, Charlotta Bergström

Project leader: Lena Wettergren, Claudia Lampic
Co-investigators: Lars Sjödin, Kristina Fagerkvist, Johanna Rose, Rebecca Skog, Alexandra Wide, Charlotta Bergström, Sarah Marklund, Christel Hedman, Lars E Eriksson, Kirsi Jahnukainen, Sara Runesdotter