Student account

As a student at Uppsala University, you need a student account. The student account gives you access to Ladok, Studium, the University's student gateway, the University's wireless network, the printing system and several services you need for your studies.

How long is the student account active?

A student account is active one year after the last semester in which you are registered. As before, you can access all services during that time in, for example, Ladok and Studium.

If you have finished your studies and your student account is no longer active, you can log in to a limited version of Ladok, Ladok for alumni. There you can, among other things, collect certificates, apply for degrees and collect digital degree diplomas.

Extend an account expiry date

If your student account is due to expire or has expired, you can extend the expiry date by one month by contacting IT support. If you need to extend the expiry date by more, contact your department.

What happens to the student account during an academic leave of absence?

The student account is active one year after your last registration semester. If an academic leave of absence lasts longer than one year, your student account may have been deactivated and needs to be activated again. Most often, the account is activated upon registration, but if too much time has passed, IT support may need to activate the account for you.

What happens to the student account when studies are suspended?

If you have been suspended from your studies at Uppsala University, your student account will be deactivated and all access to Studium will be locked. In Ladok, during the suspension, you can register for examinations that take place after the suspension period. A registration for an examination that takes place during the suspension period will be removed.