We understand that there is a lot to prepare when moving to a new country and starting a new university programme. Once you have been admitted, follow the checklist below to make sure you have not forgotten anything.

To do before you arrive in Sweden:

Finding housing in Sweden can be hard and expensive, so make sure to do your research well in advance. If you are a fee-paying student you are guaranteed housing. Non-fee paying students must arrange for accommodation themselves.

Read about housing in Uppsala and Visby

If you are a fee-paying student you must both pay the application fee of SEK 900 once you send in your application, and the tuition fee for the courses or programme you will study.

Pay the tuition fee

It is very important that you have full insurance coverage during your stay in Sweden. The insurance should cover you both during school hours and your own free time.

Read about health insurance

If you are a student from a country outside the EU/EEA you must apply for a residence permit, or else you might not be allowed to enter Sweden. On the Swedish Migration Agency's website, you can find information about how to apply.

Apply for a residence permit for studies (non-EU citizens)

Living in Sweden is expensive. Aside from rent and food, you will have expenses such as textbooks, transportation and socialising. To obtain a Swedish residence permit, you are required to have a minimum of around SEK 9,450 per month for the duration of your studies.

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There are a number of practical matters that you need to consider before bringing family members with you to Sweden. For example, if you have a child you must consider childcare services in Uppsala or Visby. Housing provided by Uppala University's Housing office is suitable for the individual student only, so if you bring your family you must find accommodation yourself.

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If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can get targeted study support during your time at Uppsala University. Support is planned in collaboration with you as a student.

Read more and apply for support

If you are a new student, you need to activate your student account to get access to the student gateway, the University's network, printing systems and other services. You can activate your account a few days after receiving your final admission decision.

Activate your student account

Each year we put together a team of international student ambassadors, from different backgrounds and programmes, to tell their stories. Follow them on their journey as they share what life is really like in Sweden and Uppsala University.

To do when you have arrived in Sweden:

1. If you move to Sweden from abroad and plan to live here for one year or more, you will usually be required to be listed in the Swedish Population Register. This means you will be registered as resident in Sweden and be issued a Swedish personal identity number.

Register with the Swedish Tax Agency

2. After you have received your Swedish personal identity number, you can submit it to us via email and we will update our records.

To attend your studies you must register for your course or programme. Otherwise, you may lose your seat. After you have activated your student account, you may register for your courses online.

Register for your courses

It may take some time to open a bank account in Sweden once you have arrived. Make sure that you have enough money to cover your expenses for the first few months of your stay. International debit and credit cards are widely accepted in Sweden.

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Uppsala University has several student unions and student nations. You can choose to become a member of one or more unions and nations. They offer everything from student aid to study breaks. Membership can give you entry to the nations, or the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

Join a student union and a nation

If you are a student at Campus Gotland, you can join the Visby-based student union Rindi. Rindi's main goal is to improve the situation for the students on Campus Gotland, by representing the student voice at the university and Region Gotland.

Join the student union Rindi